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ROCLAMATION <br /> WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br /> KIM SENFT-PARAS <br /> Library Director Retirement <br /> Cw", Kim Senft-Paras moved to Centerville-Washington Township ten years <br /> ago to serve in the role of director for Washington-Centerville Library;and <br /> WHEREAS,under her leadership,the library has significantly expanded its collections, <br /> programs and services,all while being a careful steward of taxpayer dollars;and <br /> WHEREAS,in just ten years,Kim has established an award-winning Friends of <br /> the Library group, raised more than$180,000 for short-term library projects,led a <br /> 9,000-square-foot expansion and renovation of Woodbourne Library,improved safe <br /> egress for Woodbourne,and led a successful information campaign for a 3-mill operating <br /> levy;and <br /> WHEREAS,she has worked enthusiastically with other public organizations to expand <br /> opportunities for our community,sitting on the townships Rec Advisory Committee, <br /> placing Little Free Libraries in parks,and working with Centerville-Washington History <br /> to share local history with library patrons;and <br /> WHEREAS,Kim has further immersed herself in our community through her leadership <br /> with Centerville Rotary,earning Centerville Rotarian of the Year in 2011 for leading the <br /> club's community service efforts and receiving the prestigious Rotary Presidential Citation <br /> for her term as president. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Washington Township Board of <br /> Trustees,Montgomery County,Ohio,that Kim Senft-Paras be recognized and thanked for <br /> her many contributions to the Centerville/Washington Township community and that she <br /> be wished well on the occasion of her retirement. <br /> Z,Attest to: or ' <br /> Gary P.Smiga Dale M.Berry,President <br /> Fiscal Officer <br /> Sharon Lowry President <br /> T- t `:, , Scott Paulson,Trustee <br /> r <br /> V <br />