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ROCLAMATION <br /> WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br /> JOHN BELLUARDO <br /> Washington Township Recreation Advisory Committee <br /> Cw", John Belluardo has faithfully served more than 25 years as a member <br /> of the Recreation Advisory Board;and <br /> WHEREAS,the Recreation Advisory Board has helped to steer the Washington Township <br /> Recreation Department through three decades of tremendous growth,including multiple <br /> building expansions and countless new programs;and <br /> WHEREAS,during these decades,the Recreation Advisory Board has been called upon <br /> whenever the Recreation Department considers a new policy,building expansion,or any <br /> significant change in procedure;and <br /> WHEREAS,from its inception,the board has provided strong support for the Recreation <br /> Department's mission and facilities,while ensuring that recreation members have an <br /> active and inclusive voice;and <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Washington Township Board of <br /> Trustees,Montgomery County,Ohio,that John Belluardo be recognized and sincerely <br /> thanked for his many contributions to the Washington Township Recreation Advisory <br /> Committee. <br /> Proclaimed this second day of December,two thousand and nineteen. <br /> Attest to: 1 Z' <br /> Gary P.Smiga Dale M.Berry,President <br /> Fiscal Officer <br /> Sharon Lo resident <br /> Scott Paulson,Paulson,Trustee <br />