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ROCLAMATION <br /> WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br /> STEPHEN QUICK <br /> Eagle Scout <br /> I Y "e Stephen Quick began scouting as a Cub Scout,earning his Arrow of <br /> Light before crossing over into Troop 516 in Centerville/Washington Township;and <br /> WHEREAS,during his time with Troop 516,Stephen quickly earned his First Class rank, <br /> enabling him to attend the National Jamboree in his second year as a boy scout,followed <br /> by a second National Jamboree in 2017;and <br /> WHEREAS,for his Eagle Scout project,Stephen directed a team of volunteers who <br /> photographed and cataloged more than 1,000 graves at Old Greencastle Cemetery in <br /> Dayton and provided the grave catalog as a web-based application to Wright State <br /> University Historical Organization for individuals to easily access and search the data;and <br /> WHEREAS,Stephen has graduated from Centerville High School and plans to attend <br /> Sinclair Community College in spring 2020. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Washington Township Board of <br /> Trustees,Montgomery County,Ohio,that Stephen Quick be congratulated on fulfilling <br /> the significant requirements necessary for his advancement to Eagle Scout and that he and <br /> other members of Troup 516 be sincerely thanked for contributing to the betterment of <br /> the community. <br /> Proclaimed this seventh day of October,two thousand and nineteen. <br /> Attest to: KMI-1 V__ *�6'40� ZJW4 <br /> Gary P.Smiga Dale M.Berry,President <br /> Fiscal Officer <br /> Sharon Lowry President <br /> Scott Paulson,Trustee <br />