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ROCLAMATION <br /> WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br /> FIREFIGHTERS ASSOCIATION <br /> Ice Cream Social <br /> I Y ►RC1[�r.(atl 9 The firefighters Ice Cream Social has been a beloved community <br /> tradition for 71 years in Centerville/Washington Township;and <br /> WHEREAS,during those 71 years,the Ice Cream Social has entertained people of all ages <br /> while informing them about the fire service and educating them about fire safety through <br /> demonstrations,games and hands-on activities;and <br /> WHEREAS,proceeds from the social have been used to purchase items that support the <br /> Washington Township Fire Department,including safety-related equipment such as <br /> thermal imaging cameras,GPS units,carbon monoxide monitors,LED flashlights,large <br /> area search bags and tone activations for stations;and <br /> WHEREAS,during this time,the Ice Cream Social has been entirely planned and <br /> executed by the Washington Township Firefighters Association which also presents the <br /> department's annual Breakfast with Santa,purchases candy for Halloween,hosts many <br /> department training events,supports the department's CPR program,and provides <br /> scholarships to students interested in fire science or emergency medicine. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Washington Township Board of <br /> Trustees,Montgomery County,Ohio,that the Washington Township Firefighters <br /> Association be recognized for outstanding contributions to the Washington Township Fire <br /> Department and also to the entire Centerville/Washington Township community. <br /> Proclaimed this seventh day of October,two thousand and nineteen. <br /> Attest to: 6-g L <br /> Gary P.Smiga Dale M.Berry,President <br /> Fiscal Officer <br /> Sharon Lowry President <br /> �A <br /> Scott Paulson,Trustee <br />