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ROCLAMATION <br /> WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br /> TIM KOROSEI <br /> Employee Award of Excellence <br /> I V r�C/f�, The Washington Township Board of Trustees established the Employee <br /> Recognition Program on October 17, 1988 to recognize employees who have exhibited <br /> exceptional performance in their jobs;and <br /> WHEREAS,each year township employees are nominated by their peers and selections <br /> are made based on specific performance criteria;and <br /> WHEREAS,Tim Korosei displays thoroughness and care when explaining applications <br /> and regulations to residents,is pleasant to coworkers,has earned compliments from <br /> residents for his patience in conveying zoning regulations,has worked efficiently to handle <br /> a large number of phone calls,permits and inspections,and has capably expanded his <br /> duties following a retirement in his department. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Washington Township Board of <br /> Trustees,Montgomery County,Ohio,that Tim Korosei be recognized as a recipient of the <br /> 2019 Employee Award of Excellence and,further,that he be sincerely congratulated on his <br /> outstanding performance during the past year. <br /> Proclaimed this eighth day of July,two thousand and nineteen. <br /> Attest to =• *&"40� if,'.�@ - r- 67 <br /> Gary R Smiga Dale M.Berry,President <br /> Fiscal Officer <br /> Sharon Lowry President <br /> Scott Paulson,Trustee <br />