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WWON <br />17 96 <br />Sol <br />T SH P <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS MINUTES <br />May 10, 2010 <br />The Washington Township Board of Zoning Appeals met in regular session on May 10, 2010 in the <br />Meeting Room of Washington Township Government Center. Members of the Board present were Mr. <br />Horine, Mrs. Mulligan, Mrs. Fish and Mrs. Miller. Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Roberts were excused. Call to <br />order at 7:00 p.m. <br />Mr. Horine- At our last meeting we concluded the hearing for Case 1601 David Oakes and then voted to <br />go into Executive Session and concluded our meeting without making any decision. Therefore there <br />should be brief executive session for 5 -10 minutes. Is there a Motion to into Executive Session? <br />MOTION: Mrs. Fish moved to go into executive session to discuss the case. Mrs. Miller seconded the <br />motion. <br />VOTE: Mrs. Fish; yes, Mrs. Mulligan; yes, Mr. Horine; yes, Mrs. Miller; yes <br />Board members returned at 7:16 pin <br />Mr. Horine- We are back into regular session. We are going to see the remaining three cases first and then <br />make the decision. <br />Mr. Horine explained the hearing format and voting procedure. <br />The Oath was administered by Mr. Horine. <br />Case #A -1606: Chrysa Fulchiero,1048 Ashburton Drive <br />Request under Article 2, Section 3E, for a variance from Article 7, Section 4B of the Washington <br />Township Zoning Resolution, to reduce the required rear yard setback requirement from sixty feet (60') <br />to fifty two feet, six inches (52'6 "), a reduction/variance of seven feet, six inches (7'6 ") to permit <br />construction of a room addition of nineteen feet by fourteen feet (19'x14') on property located in a <br />residential (R -3) Zoning District. <br />James Wahl, Zoning Manager, presented the case. <br />Mr. Horine- Did any neighbors complain or object Mr. Wahl? <br />Mr. Wahl- No. <br />Citizens voicing concerns, question and comments included: None. <br />MOTION: Mrs. Fish moved to approve Case #A -1606: Chrysa Fulchiero, 1048 Ashburton <br />Drive Request under Article 2, Section 3E, for a variance from Article 7, Section 4B of the <br />