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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on June 16, 2014, at <br />7:30 p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President <br />Paulson opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br />FISCAL OFFICER'S BUSINESS <br />None. <br />AMERICANA PRESENTATION — STEVE WENSTRUP <br />Mr. Wenstrup thanked the Trustees for being a faithful sponsor of Americana. This year, <br />Americana has been selected as the festival being covered by a particular news media, <br />beating out 11 other states being considered. He anticipates having some good guests and <br />political figures from the State that may participate. Mr. Wenstrup expressed his pleasure that <br />Americana was selected to represent the United States on the Fourth of July. The Grand <br />Marshal will be Dick Gard, a highly decorated veteran of World War II and Korea. <br />SWEARING IN OF NEW FIRE EMPLOYEES — CHIEF GAUL <br />Chief Gaul indicated that they were able to hire additional firefighters and to promote some <br />firefighters because of the levy that was passed last fall. He indicated he would be swearing in <br />four lieutenants and five firefighters. <br />Lt. Josh Augustine, Lt. Nick Bergman, Lt. Ben Zacharius, Lt. Blake Dalton, Dan Logan, Zach <br />Eddy, Patrick Powell, Brandon Rentz, and Paul Felder were sworn in by Chief Gaul. Following <br />the swearing in, Chief Gaul gave a brief background on each one, their badges were pinned <br />onto their uniforms by a family member, and they were congratulated by the elected officials <br />and township administrator. <br />CITIZEN CONCERNS <br />Dave Douglas, 1161 Red Ash Court, expressed a concern about zoning public hearing notices. <br />The zoning resolution requires that the published notice and the mailed notice contain <br />information as set forth in Section 519.12 of the Ohio Revised Code and is to include the time <br />and place where the meeting is to be held and the time and place where the motion, resolution <br />or application proposing amendment to the resolution is to be made available for examination, <br />which is for a period of at least ten days prior to the hearing. He indicated he came to the <br />office, hoping to examine some documents for tomorrow night's meeting with the Zoning <br />Commission and was told he had to make a Public Records Request. He stated that all he <br />wanted to do was inspect some records. <br />Mr. Douglas believes that staff needs to be made aware of the Ohio Revised Code <br />requirements, be available onsite at the Government Center, and be on time for work. He <br />indicated he is dealing with a situation that Ms. Lightle is helping him with. He responded to <br />her earlier e-mail. He indicated he would definitely appreciate an apology. <br />Mr. Douglas referred to the Zoning Commission's notice that reads, "Written comments are <br />welcome. Please send written comments to Washington Township Board of Zoning Appeals." <br />He did not understand why residents should be sending comments to the Washington <br />Township Board of Zoning Appeals when it is a Zoning Commission notice. <br />6/16/14 Page 1 <br />