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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on April 7, 2014, at 7:30 <br />p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President <br />Paulson opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br />FISCAL OFFICER'S BUSINESS <br />None. <br />PROCLAMATION <br />Proclamations were read by Joyce Young and presented by Scott Paulson and Dale Berry to <br />Bradley Anderson and Conan Jennings for achieving the status of Eagle Scout. They were <br />congratulated and thanked, along with the other members of Boy Scout Troup 516, for their <br />contributions to our community. Trevor Rambacher also earned Eagle Scout status; however, <br />he was unable to attend the Trustee meeting to receive his proclamation. He was <br />congratulated in absentia. <br />CENTERVILLE - WASHINGTON PARK DISTRICT PRESENTATION <br />Carol Kennard gave a presentation about the Park District and a Park District levy that will be <br />on the ballot on May 6' . The Park District has been in existence since 1959. They now have <br />almost 1,000 acres and 49 parks throughout Centerville and Washington Township. The Park <br />District provides education, recreation and fitness programs, athletic fields, habitat <br />conservation, multi -use trails and lots of open space for people to enjoy throughout the <br />community. The levy is for a 0.9 -mill renewal, which means no new taxes. It is a continuance <br />of a 2004 levy. This levy will provide funding for daily operations and maintenance of the Park <br />District's facilities. It will renew the levy for another 10 years and will cost the owner of a <br />$150,000 home only $40 per year or 11 cents a day. It will provide about thirty percent of the <br />Park District's operating costs. A 2 -mill levy was passed in 2007 that also provides them with <br />revenue. Together, these two levies provide approximately 95 percent of their revenue to <br />operate the parks in the district. The rest of their revenue comes from program fees, although <br />many of their programs are free; grants (they received two State grants this year); and <br />donations. <br />Ms. Kennard went over some of the projects currently going on and future projects they are <br />looking forward to starting. <br />Ms. Kennard summed up that the Park District has played a vital role in improving the quality of <br />life in Centerville and Washington Township since 1959. The passage of the 0.9 renewal levy <br />will enable them to continue providing quality park programs, preserve open space and natural <br />areas and protect our investment in the community —all with no increase in taxes. For <br />additional information regarding the Yes for Parks levy campaign, you may go to <br /> <br />Ms. Kennard brought literature, volunteer endorsement forms and levy signs for the yard for <br />anyone interested. <br />FAIR HOUSING PROCLAMATION <br />No one was in attendance to receive the proclamation; therefore, it will be mailed. <br />4/7/14 Page <br />