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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on March 17, 2014, at <br />7:30 p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President <br />Paulson opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Fiscal Officer Tom Zobrist was <br />excused. <br />FISCAL OFFICER'S BUSINESS <br />None. <br />EMPLOYEE SERVICE AWARDS <br />Each year, since 1995, the Board of Trustees has presented service awards to employees and <br />volunteers who have provided 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service. The awards are <br />as follows: <br />5 years <br />Lapel pin with Washington Township logo <br />10 years <br />$30 gift card to The Greene <br />15 years <br />$60 gift certificate to the Paragon Club restaurant <br />20 years <br />Gold Cross pen /pencil set with Washington Township logo <br />25 years <br />Gold watch with Washington Township logo <br />30 years <br />Mantel clock with Washington Township logo <br />35 years <br />Camera and case with Washington Township logo <br />All eligible employees have been invited to the Trustee meeting to receive their awards. The <br />following list of employees will be receiving awards: <br />NAME <br />DEPARTMENT <br />YRS <br />NAME <br />DEPARTMENT <br />YRS <br />Mark Gaul <br />Fire <br />35 <br />John Lewis <br />IT <br />10 <br />Thomas Beal <br />Fire <br />35 <br />Joshua Augustine <br />Fire <br />10 <br />Daniel Baker <br />Fire <br />30 <br />Nathan Ford <br />Fire <br />10 <br />Frank Raches <br />Fire <br />25 <br />Tyler Foust <br />Fire <br />10 <br />Patricia Bridges <br />Rec <br />25 <br />Joshua Gaul <br />Fire <br />10 <br />Linda Madden <br />Rec <br />25 <br />Anthony Travis <br />Fire <br />10 <br />David Paice <br />Rec <br />25 <br />John Atchley <br />Public Works <br />10 <br />Kelli Snyder <br />Rec <br />25 <br />Dean Holtzman <br />Public Works <br />10 <br />Jan Ruzicka <br />MCSO Volunteer <br />25 <br />Joshua King <br />Public Works <br />10 <br />Clarence Bisgaard <br />Fire <br />20 <br />Zach Trent <br />Public Works <br />10 <br />Chris Dewitt <br />Fire <br />20 <br />Sherri Gross <br />Rec <br />10 <br />Edmund Kuzminski <br />Fire <br />20 <br />Catherine Morton <br />Rec <br />10 <br />Dr. Randy Marriott <br />Fire <br />20 <br />Joseph Severyn <br />Rec <br />10 <br />John Davies <br />Public Works <br />20 <br />Lauren Polk <br />Rec <br />10 <br />Vesta Hickey <br />Rec <br />20 <br />Christopher Vendely <br />Rec <br />10 <br />John Belluardo <br />Rec Advisory Vol. <br />15 <br />Larry Anderson <br />Zoning Volunteer <br />5 <br />Patricia McDowell <br />Rec Advisory Vol. <br />15 <br />Anthony Ross <br />MCSO Volunteer <br />5 <br />John Breed <br />Rec Advisory Vol. <br />15 <br />Richard Schwartz <br />BZA Volunteer <br />5 <br />Joel Hall <br />Fire <br />15 <br />Cheryl Mauer <br />VIP Volunteer <br />5 <br />Dottie Hammersley <br />Fire <br />15 <br />June Ovington <br />VIP Volunteer <br />5 <br />Phil Jones <br />Fire <br />15 <br />Larry Roberts <br />BZA Volunteer <br />5 <br />Dawn Barnett <br />Admin (HR) <br />15 <br />Kenneth Renaud <br />Fire <br />5 <br />Barbara Geier <br />Rec <br />15 <br />Patricia Norvell <br />Rec <br />5 <br />Bob Hunt <br />Rec <br />15 <br />Miranda Gullion <br />Rec <br />5 <br />Kim Montgomery <br />Rec <br />15 <br />Monte Moser <br />Rec <br />5 <br />Mellisa Moran <br />Rec <br />15 <br />Nicholas Bergman <br />Fire <br />5 <br />Melody Quick <br />Rec <br />15 <br />Lisa Renslow <br />Rec <br />5 <br />Nadine Rieser <br />Rec <br />15 <br />Kathleen Nolan <br />Rec <br />5 <br />3/17/14 Page <br />