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ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS <br />STAFF: <br />ABSENT: <br />Tonight's Agenda <br />PRE - MEETING WORKSHOP <br />March 17, 2014 <br />Scott Paulson, Dale Berry & Joyce Young <br />Jesse Lightle, Mike Barlow & Ryan Lee <br />Tom Zobrist <br />Tonight's agenda was reviewed. One item was added to the Consent Agenda for <br />appropriation transfers. <br />Mrs. Young asked about risk insurance costs. Finance Director Mike Barlow reviewed <br />the costs. <br />Mrs. Young also asked about work being done in the downstairs green room area at <br />Town Hall. <br />II. Other <br />• Spring Valley Pike at Archer Place will be down for County work. <br />• There was a discussion concerning street maintenance for Locust Hill, which is <br />currently a private street. <br />• Ohio Benefits Cooperative Insurance Pool: Jesse updated the elected officials on an <br />additional mandate required for health insurance. She and the OBC will be exploring <br />options. <br />• Jesse Lightle updated the elected officials on the part -time receptionist's resignation <br />and the reassignment of Government Center staff to cover the front desk. <br />• Jesse Lightle discussed Quarterly articles, including Hithergreen. <br />III. Zoning Case <br />Ryan Lee reviewed tonight's zoning case for the Trustees. <br />IV. Vacant Parcel at Nutt & Clyo Roads <br />Ryan Lee led a discussion about an issue concerning this property. The Township has <br />incurred more than $10,000 in weed abatement costs over the past ten years. A home <br />owner abutting the property has approached the Township to see what options are <br />available for them as neighbors. <br />V. Jesse Lightle updated the elected officials on a phone call received from a resident on <br />Wild Orchard who is feuding with a neighbor on property line issues. The resident is <br />requesting that the Township place a camera on the property. <br />VI. Mrs. Young asked about safe routes to school. She noted that State grants are <br />available. <br />