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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on February 10, 2014, at <br />7:30 p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President <br />Paulson opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Mr. Zobrist was excused. <br />FISCAL OFFICER'S BUSINESS <br />None. <br />CITIZEN CONCERNS <br />None. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />All matters under the Consent Agenda are considered by the Board of Trustees to be routine <br />and will be enacted by one motion. Any Trustee may remove an item from the Consent <br />Agenda by request. No second is required for removal of an item. Items removed for separate <br />discussion will be considered after the motion to approve the Consent Agenda. <br />Mrs. Young asked that the motion to approve a resolution supporting the use of the Local <br />Government Innovation Trust Fund and to authorize the Township Administrator to sign the <br />Partnership Agreement be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately. <br />A. Finance — A motion approving the following: <br />• Check Register dated February 10, 2014, in the amount of $615,350.011, said amount <br />having been certified and appropriated. <br />Then and Now for payment of an invoice from the Montgomery County Engineer's <br />Office, P.O. #54135, in the amount of $102,846.00. <br />Finance — A motion to approve a Resolution declaring items to be surplus property, to be <br />sold through GovDeals. <br />Finance — A motion approving appropriation transfers attached as Exhibit A. <br />B. General — A motion to approve the purchase of a new copier for the Government Center <br />through State bid from Donnellon- McCarthy for a total approximate cost of $9,076. <br />C. Public Works - A motion to approve the purchase of additional equipment for two <br />replacement pickup trucks from Walt Sweeney Ford for the approximate cost of $9,335. <br />Public Works — A motion to approve the purchase of flat file cabinets for engineering <br />plans from APG Office Furnishings for the total approximate cost of $7,365. <br />Public Works - A motion to approve Van Atta Engineering for the Rahn Road drainage <br />engineering project for the total approximate cost of $3,500. <br />It was moved by Mr. Berry, seconded by Mrs. Young, to approve all items on the Consent <br />Agenda. <br />Vote on Motion: Berry, aye; Young, aye; Paulson, aye. M2014 -022 <br />2/10/14 Page <br />