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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on February 3, 2014, at <br />7:30 p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President <br />Paulson opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br />FISCAL OFFICER'S BUSINESS <br />None. <br />ZONING CASE Z -709 RG PROPERTIES, INC., 10653 YANKEE STREET <br />The applicant is requesting to rezone 21.5 acres of the above - referenced property from 1 -1, <br />Light Industrial, to PD -RM, Planned Development Residential Multi- Family. <br />Ryan Lee, Zoning Manager, made a staff presentation. Surrounding land uses include the <br />following: 1. To the south, there is a Planned Development Transitional zone, which has been <br />approved for quadplexes, duplexes, and Single - Family Residential, with an overall density of <br />2.8 development units per acre. There is also a Light Industrial office complex. 2. To the east, <br />there is Waterbury Woods, with a density of around 1.75 units per acre, zoned PD -R. There is <br />also the City's B -1, Light Commercial property. 3. To the north, it is zoned Light Industrial with <br />Residential land uses and Agricultural zoning across the street on Austin. 4. To the west there <br />is Success Lane and undeveloped Industrial land. <br />There is predominately Single - Family Residential to the east. The City's property has been <br />developed with a daycare. Immediately north of this property is a Speedway gas station and <br />Success Lane is immediately to the west. Success Lane has developed in a manner that has <br />predominantly been office uses, with the exception of South Metro Sports. <br />The property in question was part of a study area in the Township's 2004 comprehensive plan. <br />Within Study Area H, they proposed future land use objectives moving forward. It talked about <br />retaining the Light Industrial area as more of a Flex Office /Light Industrial while interjecting <br />some Residential within that southeast boundary. No development apart from the Speedway <br />has occurred in the more recent past. This is the first request within the study area. <br />The study area talks about having Residential and increasing the density, above what is within <br />the surrounding vicinity, as long as it meets certain neighborhood objectives or community <br />quality objectives, such as walking, hiker /biker trails and neighborhood amenity qualities. <br />These would be reviewed as part of the Second Stage process. <br />When looking at the permitted uses within a Light Industrial, you have a long list of principal <br />permitted uses as well as certain conditional uses, which are much more impactful than what is <br />being requested. What is being requested is not on the list. <br />From staff's perspective, the migration from Light Industrial to Residential meets some of the <br />objectives from the Create - the - Vision as well as projecting some of the existing land uses in <br />close proximity to what could develop today. Mr. Lee noted that, as long as it meets all of our <br />codes and objectives from the Zoning Resolution, it would only need staff approval for those <br />site plans. A public hearing would not be necessary. <br />Mr. Lee stated that the applicant submitted an original concept plan; however, the First Stage <br />Development Plan only looks at land use as well as egress and ingress points. <br />2/03/14 Page <br />