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<br />The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on April 1, 2013, at 7:30 <br />p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President Young <br />opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Scott Paulson was excused. <br /> <br />FISCAL OFFICER’S BUSINESS <br /> <br />None. <br /> <br />CITIZEN CONCERNS <br /> <br /> <br />None. <br /> <br />ZONING CASE Z-660 C <br /> <br />The applicant is requesting a minor modification to the approved development plan for Saddle <br />Creek. <br /> <br />Ryan Lee, Zoning Manager, made a staff presentation. He indicated that the minor <br />modification involves two requests. One is the removal of the single-family lot and the second <br />is the removal of the pedestrian access bridge connection to Payne Farm Lane. His slide <br />presentation included aerial photographs, a previously approved site plan, a proposed site <br />plan, a sidewalk exhibit, and site photos. <br /> <br />Saddle Creek currently has an entrance off of Clyo Road. Mr. Lee indicated that the <br />development will eventually connect to Nutt Road, next to the Park District. The single-family <br />lot the applicant wants to remove is located on the west side of Ridings Blvd. The <br />development was originally approved for six single-family dwelling unit lots. The applicant is <br />requesting a reduction to five lots and a modification of the property lines. This is to meet the <br />existing style of the manor lots currently being developed and to stay within the same flavor of <br />all those currently along Ridings Blvd. Staff does not have any issues since the density is <br />being decreased. <br /> <br />The second part of the minor modification request concerns a pedestrian walkway bridge <br />connection from Payne Farm Lane to Ridings Blvd. The Zoning Commission had previously <br />recommended and the Trustees approved to not obligate that connection, but to compromise <br />on a pedestrian foot bridge connection. <br /> <br />A new issue concerns the flood plain area and the creek bed that lies adjacent to the dead end <br />of Payne Farm Lane. There is a substantial drop off of about 12 to 14 feet, to the bottom of <br />the creek bed. Due to the difficulties with building this bridge at the onset and the costs <br />associated with it, and due to the obligation from the homeowner’s association to maintain that <br />walkway within the flood plain, which may become an issue moving forward, staff is <br />recommending approval of both minor modification requests. <br /> <br />Mrs. Young recalled a discussion where the concern was about the connectivity, not <br />necessarily just to the Park District, but to the neighborhoods. <br /> <br />Steve Lisle, Reinke Group, represented the applicant. He responded to Mrs. Young’s <br />comment by saying he believed the whole discussion started from the Fire Department. When <br />they began their rezoning, the Fire Department was trying to get a connection, a bridge with <br />roadway, for fire protection. After showing them the different routes to get there and the time it <br />would take, a compromise was to have some connectivity with a pedestrian bridge. <br /> <br />04/01/13 <br /> Page 1 <br /> <br /> <br />