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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on May 4, 2009, at 7:30 p.m. at the <br />Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President Snyder opened the meeting and <br />second grade students from Normandy Elementary and John Hole Elementary led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br />MINUTES OF PRECEEDING MEETINGS <br />It was moved by Mrs. Young, seconded by Mr. Berry, that the Board approves the joint meeting minutes of <br />April 13, 2009, the pre- meeting minutes and the minutes of the Regular meeting held April 20, 2009, and <br />the Workshop held April 13, 2009. <br />Vote on Motion: Young, aye; Berry, aye; Snyder, aye. M2009 -163 <br />FISCAL OFFICER'S BUSINESS <br />Year -to -Date Income /Expense Report <br />The Trustees have requested that a Year -to -Date Income /Expense Report be presented on a monthly basis. <br />As of April 30, 2009, Washington Township has collected from all funds $11,576,355.38, and has <br />dispersed in all funds $7,466,095.78, for a positive cash carryover of $4,110,259.60. <br />Sterling Cove Assessments <br />Residents of Sterling Cove petitioned the Trustees of Washington Township to reconstruct, resurface and <br />improve Olde Sterling Way and Southwick Circle to the minimum requirements of the Montgomery County <br />Ohio Subdivision Regulations for Residential Streets. They also requested that all costs for the <br />improvement be apportioned and paid by assessment. The project was paid upfront and has been <br />completed and, on March 16, 2009, the Trustees approved a Resolution authorizing the issuance and sale <br />of bonds for the Sterling Cove project. The money was received on April 16, 2009, and staff is now ready <br />to assess the property owners over a ten -year period. The yearly amount to be assessed includes five <br />percent for the County's collection charge. Four property owners paid for their shares upfront, so only 21 <br />property owners will be assessed. <br />It was moved by Mrs. Young, seconded by Mr. Snyder, that the Board authorizes ten -year assessments for <br />the Sterling Cove Road Project to the following property owners and forwarding the required schedules to <br />the County Auditor: <br />067 28722 0011 <br />067 28722 0012 <br />05/04/09 <br />Yearly <br />Assessment Amount <br />Parcel # <br />Year <br />Per Property <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0023 <br />2010 <br />$ <br />1,817.91 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0028 <br />2011 <br />$ <br />1,834.37 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0031 <br />2012 <br />$ <br />2,043.75 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0021 <br />2013 <br />$ <br />1,998.75 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0026 <br />2014 <br />$ <br />1,946.25 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0025 <br />2015 <br />$ <br />1,890.00 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0020 <br />2016 <br />$ <br />1,830.00 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0018 <br />2017 <br />$ <br />2,016.25 <br />067 <br />28721 <br />0019 <br />2018 <br />$ <br />1,937.50 <br />067 <br />28722 <br />0018 <br />2019 <br />$ <br />2,608.75 <br />067 <br />28722 <br />0010 <br />$ <br />19,923.53 <br />067 28722 0011 <br />067 28722 0012 <br />05/04/09 <br />