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PRE - MEETING WORKSHOP <br />March 16, 2009 <br />6:00 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Lee Snyder, Joyce Young & Dale Berry <br />STAFF: Jesse Lightle, Jo Scott, Dave Paice & Mike Barlow <br />ABSENT: Tom Zobrist <br />I. Addendum Items <br />IT Training - Training of the Township's two IT personnel was discussed. New Horizons offers a <br />training package with 25 days of training. The Township can also purchase training days and <br />topics as needed. New Horizons has a local training site; therefore, no travel expenses would be <br />incurred. <br />Appropriation Transfers - Additional appropriation transfers will be added to the other transfers <br />already on the agenda. <br />II. Solid Waste Grant <br />Green Day is in October. In addition to the Community Shred, the Township will be offering its <br />residents a service where they can drop off their hazardous materials and electronics for disposal. <br />III. Purchase of In -Car Cameras <br />The purchase of in -car cameras was budgeted in the CIP for 2011; however, the Sheriff's Office <br />received a good price for them now and is requesting to purchase them in 2009. <br />IV. Miscellaneous Communication <br />A copy of the Dayton Development Coalition's annual report was received. <br />The Montgomery County Commissioners' meeting is scheduled for March 24 at Washington <br />Township. <br />The suggestion of a Rec Center carnival was discussed. <br />V. Rec Center & Rec West Expenses <br />Dave Paice reviewed expenses at the Rec Center and at Rec West. <br />VI. Other <br />The Trustees were informed of the resignation of the Township's Zoning & GIS Manager, Andy <br />Ehrhart. <br />