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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met with the City of Centerville in a Special Joint <br />Session on Monday, April 13, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the Law Library of the Centerville Municipal <br />Building. <br />Present for Washington Township <br />Lee Snyder, President <br />Joyce Young, Vice - President <br />Dale Berry, Trustee <br />Tom Zobrist, Fiscal Officer <br />Jesse Lightle, Administrator <br />Present for the City of Centerville: <br />Mark Kingseed, Mayor <br />Douglas Cline, Deputy -Mayor <br />Brooks Compton, Council Member <br />Paul Gresham, Council Member <br />Belinda Kenley, Council Member <br />James Singer, Council Member <br />Debra James, Clerk of Council <br />Gregory Horn, City Manager <br />Steven Hinshaw, Finance Director <br />Nathan Cahall, Economic Dev. Admin. <br />Mayor Kingseed opened the meeting, stating that we are separate communities. He quoted <br />the election as evidence that we will not merge. The City is considering seceding, but has no <br />definite direction at this time. <br />There was a discussion over $448,000 (the inside millage that the Township receives from the <br />residents of Centerville). There was a discussion over how much of the funds are being spent <br />for the residents of the City of Centerville. The Township will provide a breakdown, especially <br />as it relates to joint projects. <br />There was a discussion over how the Township funds the Rec Center. The City quoted that <br />about only forty percent of the costs are covered by fee structures. <br />There was considerable discussion over how the Fire Department is funded. The City would <br />like more input. <br />Mrs. Young had concerns over potential secession and was concerned that it was possibly a <br />reaction to the merger election results. <br />The City feels a change is in order as they are not receiving the full benefit of the .7 mil dollars <br />being taxed to their residents. <br />The City wants more input into the Fire Department and Rec Center and requested additional <br />input. They would like joint districts for both. <br />There was a discussion over supporting the school system in the upcoming levy <br />04/13/09 <br />