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<br /> <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS MINUTES <br /> November 22, 2010 <br /> <br /> <br />The Washington Township Board of Zoning Appeals met in regular session on November 22, 2010 in the <br />Meeting Room of Washington Township Government Center. Members of the Board present were Mr. <br />Horine, Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Mulligan, Mr. Schwartz and Mrs. Fish. Call to order at 7:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Mr. Horine explained the hearing format and voting procedure. <br />The Oath was administered by Mr. Horine. <br />Case #A-1622: Gary Currall, 9574 Warm Springs Court <br />Request under Article 2, Section 3D, for a variance from Article 7, Section 5(B) of the Washington <br />Township Zoning Resolution to reduce the required rear yard setback of forty-five feet (45') to thirty-one <br />feet (31'), a reduction/variance request of fourteen (14') feet to permit a 20' x 14' 3-season room addition <br />to property located at 9574 Warm Springs Court in a planned development residential (PD-R) zoning <br />district. <br /> <br />Attorney, Kevin Lantz, Surdyk, Dowd & Turner, presented the case. <br />Mr. Horine- Do we know if the dimensions of the proposed enclosure are the same as the existing <br />awning? <br />Mr. Lantz- No. <br />Mr. Horine- Maybe the applicant can explain in more detail. <br />Gary Currall, 9574 Warm Springs Court - My wife Linda and I moved this August. Our objective is to <br />replace the awning with something that looks much nicer. It will be a permanent glassed in patio with a <br />gable roof. We need the variance approval to construct the room. I do have pictures of other homes in my <br />neighborhood that have these additions. <br />Mrs. Fish- Will the enclosed room be the same size as the existing awning? <br />Mr. Currall- The awning comes out 12 feet and this addition would extend 14 feet so the room would be a <br />little larger. The project will include a new concrete pad. As the pictures show, these are common in the <br />neighborhood. There are two nice blue spruce trees that would screen it from the neighbors. <br />there is any objection from our neighbors and it will be nicer for us. <br />Mrs. Fish- The building materials will be like the first picture that you showed us? <br />Mr. Currall- There will be a gabled roof and the shingles will match the house. <br />Mrs. Fish- Will you keep the red wood deck? <br /> <br />