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ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: <br />STAFF: <br />ABSENT: <br />BZA Interview <br />WORKSHOP <br />March 10, 2008 <br />7:00 P.M. <br />Joyce Young, Terry Blair, & Lee Snyder <br />Jesse Lightle, Dave Paice, & Mike Barlow for Tom Zobrist <br />Tom Zobrist <br />Larry Roberds was interviewed for the Board of Zoning Appeals. Terry Blair explained <br />the BZA and Jesse Lightle explained that this vacancy is for an alternate position. Mr. <br />Roberts gave a review of his background and job experience. He indicated that he liked <br />the Township and the large lots in the Township. He feels he has something to <br />contribute. <br />Mr. Blair was excused and Dave Paice joined the meeting. <br />II. Town Hall Clock <br />Richard Carr, Chairman of the Centerville /Washington Township Foundation updated the <br />elected officials on the clock for the center of town. The original consensus was for a <br />four -sided clock in front of Town Hall. About a month ago, however, Mr. Beals, a <br />contributor, questioned the location of the clock. The Beals' would like to have the clock <br />at Graeter's Ice Cream or in the green area outside of Town Hall. Mr. Carr asked if the <br />Township was still interested in participating if it is in the green space at Town Hall. <br />III. Rec Center <br />Dave Paice talked about expanding the weight room at the Rec Center. He received <br />three quotes —all under prevailing wage and bidding requirements. The Rec Advisory <br />Board meeting was moved to March 27th. Following the Rec Advisory Board meeting, <br />there will be a "thank you" dinner for the Rec Levy Committee members. <br />IV. Annual Report <br />The Trustees reviewed the mock up of the Township Annual Report. <br />Mr. Blair rejoined the meeting. <br />V. Americana <br />Jesse Lightle asked who wanted to be in the Americana parade. The Trustees reviewed <br />and discussed Americana's request for $20,000 —up from $15,000. Jesse Lightle handed <br />out Americana's budget. The Trustees agreed to the $20,000 donation to help support <br />Americana's events. <br />