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The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on March 3, 2008, at <br />7:30 p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President <br />Young opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br />MINUTES OF PRECEEDING MEETINGS <br />It was moved by Mrs. Young, seconded by Mr. Blair, that the Board approves the pre- meeting <br />minutes and the minutes of the Regular meeting held February 11, 2008, and the pre- meeting <br />minutes and the minutes of the Special meeting held February 25, 2008. <br />Vote on Motion: Young, aye; Blair, aye; Snyder, aye. M2008 -067 <br />FISCAL OFFICER'S BUSINESS <br />ED /GE Payment <br />Since the early 1990's, Washington Township has participated in the Montgomery County <br />Economic Development and Government Equity Program (ED /GE). The program requires <br />those communities experiencing economic growth to share a portion of that growth with those <br />communities that are less fortunate. This is accomplished through the Government Equity <br />Formula. The Finance Director has reviewed the County Office of Management and Budget's <br />annual update and finds the numbers agree with the contract. This year's payment for <br />Washington Township is $121,569. The Township will receive these funds back from the <br />County at the end of the three year, settle up period. The ED /GE payment is due April 15tH <br />It was moved by Mr. Blair, seconded by Mrs. Young, that the Board authorizes the 2008 <br />ED /GE payment of $121,569 to the Montgomery County Commissioners. <br />Vote on Motion: Blair, aye; Young, aye; Snyder, aye. M2008 -068 <br />CITIZEN CONCERNS <br />Bob Kyvik, 2555 Goodfield Point, indicated that he received literature in the mail from Mr. Blair. <br />Mr. Kyvik also mentioned that he attended the February 25th special meeting. It was his <br />understanding that Mr. Blair opposed the merger with the City of Centerville. He asked Mr <br />Blair if this means that he will not be participating in any public meetings. <br />Mr. Blair indicated no. He is concerned that his opponent is in favor of it, without having all of <br />the data. Mr. Blair is in favor of getting the data before recommending a merger. <br />Mr. Kyvik asked the Trustees if they received a preliminary report from the University of <br />Toledo. Mr. Blair indicated that they just received it today and they have not yet had time to <br />review it. Mr. Kyvik indicated that he has reviewed the Toledo study and believes he could <br />save taxes should a merger occur. Mr. Blair responded that it will save some people taxes, but <br />it will cost others more. Objectively, as a person who serves the Washington Township <br />community, Mr. Blair indicated he wanted to see the data so that he can tell the citizens that <br />here is the concise report that they can use to evaluate and make a decision. Mr. Kyvik <br />pointed out that neither the City of Centerville's Council nor the Washington Township <br />Trustees should make any opinions before it is studied. He is asking Mr. Blair to "buy in" to the <br />fact that there looks like there could be some extensive savings. He asked Mr. Blair to not <br />make any more statements of opposition. Mr. Blair indicated that he would be objectively <br />looking at it. Mrs. Young added that this is why they commissioned the report. They wanted <br />information to present to the voters. Mr. Snyder agreed that this is what the study is all about. <br />He plans to come to every meeting with an open mind. <br />03/03/08 <br />