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WORKSHOP <br />June 13, 2005 <br />7:00 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Lee Snyder, Joyce Young, Terry Blair & Tom Zobrist <br />STAFF: Gary Huff, Tom Toberen & Mike Barlow <br />Visual Improvement Program (VIP) <br />There was a discussion regarding the replacement of Yvonne Dunphe, the Township's <br />contracted horticulturalist. <br />II. Grantland <br />There was a discussion relative to costs over the Paddington ditch detention basin <br />project. Because of complications, costs have increased. <br />III. Zoning Update <br />ACP is writing the Township's commercial and conservation district zoning regulations. <br />Representatives will be needed from the VIP, Zoning Commissions, BZA and trustees. <br />IV. Landscape Guidelines <br />There was a discussion over the review of the present landscape guidelines. <br />V. Planned Unit Development (PUD) <br />There was a discussion over the Township's ability to control PUD'S since Senate Bill 18. <br />VI. Police Levy <br />There was a discussion over the replacement millage on the fall ballot. <br />VII. Inheritance Tax <br />There was a discussion on the present amount of tax available. <br />ADJOURNMENT 8:20 P.M. <br />All formal actions of the Board of Trustees of Washington Township concerning and relating to <br />the adoption of resolutions and /or motions passed at this meeting were adopted in an open <br />meeting, and of any of its committees resulting in such formal action, were in meetings open to <br />the public, in compliance with the law, including Section 121.22 of the Ohio Revised Code. <br />President <br />Clerk <br />