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WORKSHOP <br />March 28, 2005 <br />7:00 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Lee Snyder & Terry Blair <br />STAFF: Gary Huff; Tom Toberen; Ken Parks; & Mike Barlow, Acting Clerk <br />ABSENT: Joyce Young & Tom Zobrist <br />Station #44 Sale <br />The Township received an appraisal for $355,350.00. There was a discussion on <br />listing the property and selling old fire station #44. Mr. Huff will request quotes from <br />three agents. <br />Upgrade Sirens <br />The Township has 12 tornado sirens that need to be updated. These sirens were <br />originally installed in 1976. Wallace Communications Company currently maintains <br />the system and provided the Township with two quotes for new controllers. <br />III. Code Red <br />Municipalities may sign up for the Code Red service through MVCC. Code Red is a <br />reverse call up system that enables municipalities to contact its citizens directly <br />during an emergency situation. The cost to the Township would be $8,000.00 for <br />two years. Chief Ken Parks provided the Trustees with a pamphlet on Code Red. <br />IV. Station #43 Easement <br />The easement for Vectren will need to be changed since the County advised the <br />Township that their sanitary line would go where Vectren requested their easement. <br />V. Austin Road - Social Row Road Report <br />The Montgomery County Engineer's Office received a summary of construction cost <br />estimates from LBJ Engineers. The Trustees discussed what was needed and what <br />the County would provide and pay. The Trustees also discussed residential tax <br />increment financing to help pay the Township's cost, which would be spread out over <br />a 10 -30 year period of time. They also discussed different options, such as three <br />lane rural, five lane median, etc. <br />VI. Inheritance Tax <br />Discussed potential of the Township's loss of estate tax due to State budget cuts. <br />