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WORKSHOP <br />March 10, 2003 <br />3:00 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Joyce Young & Lee Snyder <br />STAFF: Gary Huff, Mike Barlow, & Tom Toberen <br />ABSENT: Terry Blair & Jim Blakeney <br />L Financial Update <br />Mike Barlow gave a financial update covering investments, Bureau of Worker's <br />Compensation, health insurance, the new financial system and server for the <br />Clerk's Office, and current banking issues. <br />II. Street Lights — State Rt. 48 & Whipp Road <br />Tom Toberen led a discussion regarding street lights at State Rt. 48 & Whipp <br />Road. The City of Centerville would like the Township to pay for four lights at <br />$10,000.00. If approved, it would be included in 2004's CIP. <br />III. Drainage - Grantland <br />Tom Toberen led a discussion regarding a detention pond behind Georgetown <br />Apartments. A letter of understanding will be drafted to the Miami Conservancy <br />District indicating that the Township will reimburse them for expenses to build a <br />detention pond. <br />IV. Public Information Manager <br />Job descriptions for Public Information Manager, Payroll Supervisor, and Human <br />Resources Technician were discussed. <br />V. Land on Clyo Road <br />The current status of purchase negotiations for land for the future site of Fire <br />Station #44 was discussed. <br />VI. Bob Surdyk's Legal Update <br />Law Director Bob Surdyk updated the Trustees on the status of various legal <br />issues concerning the Township. <br />