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WORKSHOP <br />May 12, 2003 <br />3:00 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Joyce Young, Terry Blair, Lee Snyder, & Jim Blakeney <br />STAFF: Gary Huff, Tom Toberen, Dave Paice, & Jackie Curl <br />Rec Levy <br />A summary of the May 6t" election results was discussed along with an <br />e -mail that Gary Huff received from Jim Gerard concerning the rec levy. <br />There are a lot of options open as to how to approach the November <br />election. Some of these options were discussed. <br />Fire Station 45, Public Works Garage, Government Center Roof <br />The roofs at Fire Station 45, the public works garage, and at the <br />government center need to be repaired. One of the items budgeted in <br />2003 as a CIP is the replacement of the roof at Fire Station #45. Staff <br />wants to hire a professional to supervise and assist with the proposal and <br />repair. <br />III. Fire Station #44 <br />The Township has received verbal acceptance of their proposal. <br />IV. CLOUT <br />Gary Huff attended the May 8t" CLOUT meeting. He reviewed and <br />discussed the topics at this meeting with the trustees. <br />V. Letter From Montgomery County Engineers <br />The Township had requested approval from the County for installation of a <br />Township entrance sign on Rahn Road. This request was denied due to <br />the potential harm that the brick and concrete base could have on <br />motorists leaving the road. The County is recommending that future <br />proposals include sign supports of the breakaway type and that the sign <br />be located ten feet from the edge of travel way. <br />VI. VIP Banners <br />The VIP committee designed summer banners and presented the design <br />to the trustees for review. <br />