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WORKSHOP <br />APRIL 28, 2003 <br />7:00 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Terry Blair, Lee Snyder, & Jim Blakeney <br />STAFF: Gary Huff, Tom Toberen, Michael Wanamaker & Bob Surdyk <br />ABSENT: Joyce Young <br />Sign Inventory Grant <br />The State is offering funding for safety improvements. Tom Toberen and <br />Mike Wanamaker are applying for a grant for inventorying the signs in the <br />Township. <br />Green Park <br />Mike Wanamaker requested permission for four -way stop signs. This will <br />be on the agenda for the next Trustee's meeting. <br />III. Claxton Glenn Catch Basin <br />There is a water drainage problem at Claxton Glenn. An additional catch <br />basin was discussed. <br />IV. Early Retirement Report <br />Gary Huff went over the cost savings resulting from early retirements <br />within the Township. <br />V. Mechanic Transfer <br />There were two openings for a mechanic. One of these openings was in <br />Public Works and the other one, which is still open, is in the Fire <br />Department. Tyler Foust was hired to fill the position in Public Works. <br />The individual who was offered the job in the Fire Department, however, <br />did not accept the position. Mr. Foust, after performing the job since <br />4/15/03, believes that the mechanic's job in the Fire Department would be <br />a better fit for him. It is, therefore, recommended that he be transferred to <br />the Fire Department and that the job search continue for the mechanic <br />position in Public Works. <br />