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N v I I <br />WASHINGTON <br />TOWNSHIP <br />Welcome To More <br />FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: <br />Jesse Lightle, Township Administrator, 937-433-0152 <br />Jacqueline Curl, Public Information Manager, 937-433-0152 <br />FOR RELEASE: <br />July 14, 2020 <br />Award of Excellence Winners Are Recognized <br />Seven employees have received Washington Township's Employee Award of Excellence for outstanding <br />contributions to the township. <br />Recipients include: a part-time firefighter who brings home-made dinners to his crew; a deputy who <br />solved a homicide through a routine traffic stop; a recreation aide who developed virtual rehearsal and <br />performance experiences for Town Hall Theatre; a service worker who solves on-the-job challenges; a <br />park technician who knows recreation patrons by name; a firefighter who assists with peer support; and a <br />staff member who secured needed supplies that were difficult to obtain in the early days of the COVID-19 <br />pandemic. <br />Winners and categories are: Dave Herbst, General Full Time; Leighanna Hornick, General Part Time; Jeff <br />Joseph, Fire Part Time; Vinnie Keane, General Full Time; Ben Mastebaum, Public Works; Tad Parks, Fire <br />Full Time; and Jeffrey Wallace, Police. Their efforts reflect the type of important activities employees <br />undertake every day, according to Township Administrator Jesse Lightle. <br />The Award of Excellence was created in 1987 to recognize employees who have exhibited exceptional <br />performance. Full-time recipients receive framed proclamations, $275 and an extra three days of <br />vacation. Part-time employees, who are ineligible for vacation days, receive framed proclamations and <br />$450. All have their names inscribed on plaques at four township buildings. The following summaries are <br />based on excerpts from nominations made by township staff: <br />Dave Herbst, General Full Time <br />Dave Herbst, facilities maintenance worker, frequently saves the township money by reducing the need to <br />call in outside repair vendors. He responds to repair requests quickly, keeps supplies well stocked, and <br />was instrumental in procuring necessary supplies such as disinfectant and personal protective equipment <br />when they were extremely difficult to come by in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. <br />Leighanna Hornick, General Part -Time <br />Leighanna Hornick has applied her film and video skills to secure state -level recreation awards for <br />recreation department benefactors and sensory -friendly performances at Town Hall Theatre, developed <br />ground -breaking virtual rehearsal and performance experiences as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, <br />gone above and beyond in her multiple roles at Town Hall Theatre, and now serves capably and creatively <br />as a camp director. She is a program aide for the WT Recreation Department. <br />-more- <br />