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ASHINGTON <br />1796 <br />WTOWNSH11 <br />Washington Township <br />8200 McEwen Road <br />Dayton, Ohio 45429 <br />937.433.0152 <br />FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: <br />Fire Chief Scott Kujawa, 433-3083 <br />Jacqueline Curl, Public Information Manager, 433-0152 <br />ARTLINE: Education Specialist Scott Henry will be using 24 new manikins to teach CPR. <br />FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: <br />February 24, 2020 <br />New Manikins Will Offer Improved CPR Training <br />The Washington Township Fire Department has received 24 new manikins that <br />provide instant feedback for students learning CPR (cardio -pulmonary resuscitation), thanks <br />to a donation made by the Washington Township Firefighters Association. The shipment <br />includes 16 adult and child manikins that provide digital feedback and eight infant manikins <br />that emit a click for tactile feedback. <br />"The new manikins will enhance training for both the general public and healthcare <br />providers who sign up for our CPR and First -Aid training," said Fire Chief Scott Kujawa, <br />noting that studies show real-time feedback can improve the quality of CPR compressions. <br />Class members who use the digital manikins each have a small screen that displays the <br />key components of CPR, including compression rate and depth, chest recoil, and the <br />exchange of air. Instructors simultaneously view the results from a tablet or laptop. "The <br />manikins give immediate feedback so that class members can track, measure and improve <br />their skills. Instructors also can monitor the results to quickly and accurately assist students <br />with their technique," said Kujawa. <br />In addition to the manikins, the donation includes four training AEDs (automatic - <br />external defibrillators), removable manikin faces, face shields and cleaning supplies. Items <br />will be put to use starting March 19 when the Heartsaver CPR & AED Course with First Aid <br />is offered to the public. Details about CPR classes are at <br />