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WASHINGTON <br />1796 <br />�TOWNSNIP <br />Washington Township <br />8200 McEwen Road <br />Dayton, Ohio 45458 <br />937-433-0152 <br />FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: <br />February 21, 2020 <br />FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: <br />Jesse Lightle, Administrator <br />Jacqueline Curl, Public Information Manager <br />0XI/Q193:19111610) <br />Washington Twp. Residents Will Vote on Police Services Levy <br />Washington Township residents will vote March 17 on a 2.3 -mill, five-year replacement <br />levy for police services. The continuous levy would replace an expiring levy of the same value <br />and provide a little more than half of the funding for Washington Township's police services <br />which are delivered through a contract with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. <br />If the levy is approved, a homeowner would pay approximately $80.50 annually for every <br />$100,000 of appraised tax value, an amount that is $6.25 more than 2019. Township Trustees <br />approved the ballot item at their December 2 meeting. <br />Trustees opted for a continuous levy because it provides a reliable funding source that <br />enables the township to make decisions about revenue that are driven by township needs rather <br />than a pre-set expiration date, said Trustee President Sharon Lowry. <br />"The levy balances two objectives," said Lowry. "Our goal is to remain conservative with <br />taxpayer money while also maintaining stability for township police services." <br />The replacement levy is expected to generate about $2.76 million per year — an increase <br />of about $222,229 annually — and will maintain the current level of police services. "The levy <br />will allow us to keep pace with inflation and an increasing demand for services," said <br />Township Administrator Jesse Lightle. <br />If the levy is approved, the cost of police services will remain low, said Lightle, noting <br />that the township's per capita police expenditures are among the lowest in the south Dayton <br />area. In 2018, the township's per capita expenditure was $139, compared to an average of $229 <br />for five nearby communities with populations of at least 15,000. <br />Contracting with the Sheriff s Office affords residents the economies of scale, service <br />levels, and expertise of a large department and also enables the township to negotiate the level <br />of service appropriate for the community, said Lowry. <br />