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ASHINGTON <br />1796 <br />WTOWNSH11 <br />Washington Township <br />8200 McEwen Road <br />Dayton, Ohio 45458 <br />937-433-0152 <br />FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: <br />Mike Wanamaker, Public Works Director, 433-0151 <br />Jacqueline Curl, Public Information Manager, 433-0152 <br />Three Things to Know About the Street Improvement Program: <br />• 23 residential streets <br />• one collector street <br />• 11,955 tons of asphalt <br />FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: <br />January 15, 2020 <br />Township Street Improvement Program to Focus on Residential <br />Nearly eight miles of road will be resurfaced as part of this year's Street Improvement <br />Program. The project includes 23 residential streets and one collector street, Normandy Lane. <br />Resurfacing is expected to use 11,955 tons of asphalt, enough to pave just under four <br />acres with a foot of asphalt, according to Public Works Director Mike Wanamaker. <br />As part of the program, Normandy Lane will be resurfaced from Miamisburg - <br />Centerville Road to Paragon Road. The project is shared with the City of Centerville, with <br />Washington Township taking the lead. Normandy is located solely in the township from <br />Paragon to south of Tours Lane, but the rest of the Normandy project is half in Centerville. <br />In addition to the Street Improvement Program, work is planned to stabilize the road <br />base on a section of Seton Hill Street from Wellesley Way to Whipp Road, Wanamaker said. <br />The Street Improvement program includes these streets: <br />Penbrooke & Yankee Estates <br />Eagle Creek Drive <br />Fox Run Road <br />Trentwood Circle <br />Tweed Circle <br />Current Court <br />Provincetown Road <br />Burgundy Lane <br />Tarryton Road <br />Garrison Court <br />-more- <br />