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FALL 2015 • AUG.-NOV.. • VOLUME 26, NO.3 <br />SHINGTONTOWNSHIP <br />Time to Celebrate <br />The Public is Invited to the Grand Opening <br />of the Rec West Enrichment Center <br />The community is invited to the grand <br />opening of the new Rec West Enrichment <br />Center on Sunday, September 20, from 3-5 <br />p.m. Festivities kick off at 3 p.m, with a ribbon - <br />cutting ceremony. <br />The Mardi Gras themed <br />celebration heralds a new <br />era of senior services in <br />Washington Township and <br />includes the food, music and <br />entertainment associated <br />with a great carnival. Dress <br />in green, red and gold and <br />add an outrageous mask or <br />costume if you like. You'll <br />fit right in with the festive <br />atmosphere being created for people of all ages <br />through a generous sponsorship by Otterbein Senior <br />Iifestyle Choices. <br />r'• A. J <br />• x <br />movie theater, a half gym, dance studio, game room <br />and lobbies — at 965 Miamisburg -Centerville Rd. on <br />the Washington Township Recreation campus. <br />"The Township is excited about this renovation and <br />looks forward to the synergy <br />this offers to all of our <br />recreational programming," <br />said Washington Township <br />Trustee President Dale Berry. <br />"The opportunities are <br />abundant We're thrilled to <br />enter this new era." <br />Grand Opening Mardi Gras <br />Rec West Enrichment Center <br />3 to 5 pm Sunday, September 20 <br />3 pm Ribbon Cutting <br />Rec West <br />965 Miamisburg- Centerville Road The grand opening sponsor, <br />Otterbein, is a non profit <br />faith -based organization that <br />serves close to 2,000 people at its Lebanon campus <br />and Small House Neighborhoods in Spfi*oro, <br />Middletown and Maineville. <br />The celebration culminates three years of creative <br />thinking, tough decisions, and cooperative efforts on <br />the part of Washington Township and Hithergreen <br />Center after repeal of the Ohio Estate Tax required <br />closing Hithergreen Center. <br />The NEW center will open September 1 at Rec <br />West with 9,000 square feet of designated space for <br />senior programs. The newly -renovated space <br />includes activity areas, kitchen, dining <br />room, fitness room, office space <br />and a landscaped deck. <br />Rec West also offers 1 <br />20,000 square feet of <br />shared space — including a <br />full gym that was added as part <br />of the renovation, a professional <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT CENTER <br />RECREATION CENTER <br />"Otterbein Senior Ufestyle Choices has been an <br />outstanding supporter of Hithergreen Center over <br />the years," said Cynthi Fraley, Hithergreen director. <br />"Otterbein is carrying on that tradition by funding <br />a closing parte at Hithergreen and an <br />opening party at Rec West" <br />f <br />GEORGE LAWSON SUPER SATURDAY <br />• <br />IS VOLUNTEER TO INCLUDE _ <br />OF THE YEAR ELECTRONICS 'S <br />2 7 <br />Rec West <br />Enrichment Center <br />Designated Space for <br />Senior Activities <br />9,000 square feet <br />Lobby with coffee bar and fireplace <br />Activity areas <br />Kitchen <br />Dining Room <br />Fitness Room <br />Landscaped Deck <br />Shared Space at Rec West <br />20,000 square feet <br />Full Gym & half gym <br />Dance studio <br />Game Room <br />Professional Movie Theater <br />Spacious Lobbies & Gallery Area <br />Outdoor Space <br />26 -Acre Countryside Park <br />1.3 -mile walking trail <br />Sports fields & playgrounds <br />Picnic shelter & log cabin <br />Three Ponds <br />V% <br />x'1'1 � 1:\ l►711' l►71 �1 � <br />NEW! <br />FREE FITNESS <br />MONDAYS <br />9 {_ <br />