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SUMMER 2015 • JUNE—AUG. • VOLUME 26, NO.2 <br />SHINGTONTOWNSHIP <br />Camp Offerings Grow with a <br />New Sports and Fitness Camp <br />Washi Von Township camp <br />offerings are growing! The newest <br />addition is a Sports and Fitness <br />Camp that runs eight weeks this summer. <br />"The camp offers a great balance of fun <br />and fitness," said Hannah Keener, camp <br />coordinator. Each week the camp explores a <br />different sport or fitness activity. Mornings <br />are devoted to instruction from qualified <br />coaches and instructors, while afternoons offer <br />traditional camp activities. <br />Offerings include volleyball, baseball, <br />basketball, soccer, lacrosse and flag football. <br />Two weeks will explore less traditional <br />offerings such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba, <br />martial arts and TRX straps. <br />Sports and Fitness Camp is one of <br />eight different camp options, including <br />travel, art and theater camps. All include <br />outdoor games, <br />canoeing, archery aid <br />swimming. Most offer <br />field trips — one, three <br />or four days per week, <br />depending on the camp. <br />Camps run June 1 -August <br />14 for ages five through <br />grade eight, with <br />extended _dde" <br />care options <br />available. <br />Zoning Resolution is Revised <br />Changes Include Lighting Standards and Readability <br />The Township's Zoning Resolution has been <br />revised, with two major improvements — new <br />lighting standards and better readability. <br />The table of contents now has been fully <br />digitized and integrated throughout the <br />document for convenient cross referencing <br />and navigation. Duplicated information has <br />been eliminated aid reader -friendly tables and <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT CENTER i <br />RECREATION CENTER i <br />illustrations have replaced lengthier text. <br />"Users grill find it easier to navigate the <br />document to find information and answers <br />to development i*iquiries, said Zoning <br />Manager Ryan Lee who facilitated the <br />effort with Zomig Commission members <br />aid \,asl=oton Township Trustees. "This <br />continated on page 2 <br />Police Services <br />Levy Will be on <br />Mays Ballot <br />Washington <br />Township residents <br />willbe asked to vote <br />May 5 on a 2.3 -mill, five-year <br />replacement levy for police services. <br />The levy replaces an expiring 2 -mill police <br />services levy that provides a little more than <br />half of all funding for Washington Township <br />police services. The new levy will generate <br />about $2.41 million per year — an increase of <br />about $324,455. <br />Passage will maintain the current level of <br />police services now provided through a <br />cost-effective contract with the Montgomery <br />County Sheriff's Office, said Trustee President <br />Dale Berry. "Our objective is to remain <br />conservative with taxpayer money while <br />maintaining stability for township police <br />services. The millage will allow us to keep pace <br />with inflation and with an increasing demand <br />for services," Berry said. <br />If the levy passes, homeowners will pay $80.50 <br />annually for every $100,000 of home value, an <br />increase of $19.25 per year <br />continued on page 4 <br />Complete levy information is on pages 4-5. <br />Annual Cost <br />per $100,000 <br />of House Value <br />Expiring Levy: $61 <br />Replacement Levy: $81 <br />INFORMATION GET READY SUPER SERVICES <br />ABOUT THE FOR SOME ARE OFFERED <br />POLICE LEVY SUMMER FUN JULY 18 <br />4 6 8 <br />mm, <br />