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SPRING 2015 • MAR. -MAY • VOLUME 25, N0. 1 <br />SHINGTONTOWNSHIP <br />Q)tau 4 -1k 7wn� 4 94 a <br />Hiahliahts Include a Promising New Era in Sen <br />Development and Cost Containment <br />Washington Township <br />Board of Trustees <br />The best organizations, public and <br />private, continue to change over time. <br />They raise their standards, respond to <br />changing conditions, and adapt as needed. <br />With this in mind, I'm very pleased to report <br />that Washington Township has successfully <br />completed another year of change as township <br />services evolved to meet emerging <br />needs within our community. <br />This was particularly <br />true for our Fire <br />Department which <br />successfully navigated <br />die final stage in its <br />transition to in-house <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT CENTER - <br />RECREATION CENTER - <br />to around-the-clock emergency response at <br />all stations began four years ago, prompted by <br />an upsurge in emergency calls and a decline <br />in part -paid volunteers. In 2014, the final <br />transition took place with the construction <br />of a bunk room at Station 45, the addition of <br />four lieutenant positions for around-the-clock <br />leadership, and the beginning of complete in- <br />house operations at Fire Stations 41 and 43. <br />This signals the start of a promising new era <br />in emergency services, marked by improved <br />response times on nights and weekends <br />We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to our <br />local part -paid volunteers and to their great <br />tradition of service, dedication and sacrifice. <br />Our community has benefitted greatly from <br />their efforts. <br />As the Fire Department completed one <br />transition, our Recreation Department <br />embarked on another. Starting next year, senior <br />services now prodded at Hithergreen Center <br />will move to the Rec West facility on our <br />recreation campus. <br />The move is a creative way to deal with <br />funding challenges and represents the <br />township's ongoing commitment to <br />Hithergreen. Since 1994, trustees have <br />used Ohio Estate Tax revenue to pay about <br />$100,000 annually in maintenance and utilities <br />at the Hithergreen facility. However, with the <br />DEPUTIES NEW DATES FOR FIREFIGHTER <br />DISPLAY SUPER SERVICE OF THE YEAR <br />EXCELLENCE ': SATURDAYS IS NAMED <br />5 6 8 <br />