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SUMMER 2014 • JUNE — AUG. • VOLUME 25, NO.2 <br />SHINGTONTOWNSHIP <br />A New Era of Service for <br />Hithergreen at Rec West <br />Hithergreen Center will move next year to the Rec West facility onx <br />Washington Township's recreation campus, located on <br />Miamisburg Centerville Road <br />The move is a creative way to deal with funding challenges and represents <br />the township's ongoing commitment to Hithergreen. Washington Toumsl-np <br />and Hithergreen Center leaders have high expectations for the move that they share here. <br />Continuing a <br />Tradition of Support <br />By- Scott Paulson <br />Washington Township Board <br />of Trustees President <br />Since 1994, Washington <br />Township has provided the <br />building for Hithergreen 9 <br />Center, whose mission is to enrich the lives of <br />older adults in our community. In our view, the <br />arrangement has worked well for all. <br />Township trustees are privileged to provide <br />a home for this organization that has served <br />our community admirably for the past 32 <br />years, and we feel responsible to continue our <br />support in every way possible <br />Unfortunately, the fact is we can no longer <br />afford to invest $100,000 annually in utilities <br />and maintenance on a 50 -year-old building <br />when we've lost about $1.3 million annually in <br />Ohio Estate Tax. We also don't have the funds <br />to make a needed minimum $2 million in <br />repairs over the next five years. <br />However, the township will continue to <br />support Hithergreen's mission every bit as <br />continued on page 2 <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT CENTER <br />RECREATION CENTER <br />Westward H o ! <br />for Hithergreen <br />By- Bob Daley <br />Hithergreen Board <br />of Trustees President <br />By- Cynthia Fraley <br />Hithergreen Executive Director <br />Hithergreen Center is <br />embarking on an adventure, <br />heading toward a new home <br />0%— <br />at Rec West A decision i;ih <br />that initially took our breathaway could be just the thing <br />to breathe new life into our <br />center after facing some challenging issues the <br />past few years. <br />What worked for us and the community for <br />so many years is no longer possible in this era <br />of declining government revenue. Washington <br />Township has given us the opportunity to <br />create a new vision for the future with its offer <br />to relocate to Rec West <br />That vision includes not only meeting the <br />continued an j age 2 <br />Summer Camps <br />Celebrate 25 <br />Years of Fun <br />ummer camps at the Recreation <br />Center have been packed with fun for <br />25 years. <br />The current generation of campers will get the <br />chance to experience many of those highlights <br />from the past when they attend camps offered <br />this summer by the Washington Township <br />Recreation Center. <br />"We're planning a celebration every Monday <br />using favorite themes from past years. We'll <br />bring back the best activities and add new <br />ones," said Linda Madden, senior recreation <br />supervisor. Themes span the Olympic Games, <br />mysteries, music, world festivals, classic <br />television shows, obscure holidays, Ohio <br />history, nature, world travel and more- <br />13 <br />ore <br />continued on page 3 <br />13 <br />