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SPRING 2014 • MAR. — MAY • VOLUME 25, NO. 1 <br />SHINGTONTOWNSHIP <br />Q)tau 4 -1k 7wm 4 94 a <br />Highlights Include Great Citizens, <br />Outstanding Staff and Careful Planning <br />By Joyce Young, President <br />Y <br />Washington Township <br />Board of Trustees <br />Presented January 6, 2014 <br />t is an honor and a privilege to sum up <br />the year 2013 for Washington Township. <br />When I asked my colleagues to summarize <br />their impressions of the year, I received <br />overwhelmingly positive comments. Dale <br />Berry believes that participation in our <br />community is truly outstanding Fiscal <br />Officer Tom Zobrist states that the <br />township is in a good position. Scott <br />The 65th annual Ice Cream <br />Social featured great food and <br />family activities, including <br />games, displays and live <br />rescue demonstrations. <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT <br />RECREATION <br />Paulson concludes that we are growing wit <br />new development towards a beautiful futuu <br />You will hear echoes of their comments in <br />my report <br />The year started out on a high note when t <br />results of a periodic citizen survey indicate <br />that residents are pleased with Township <br />services and satisfied with the Township as <br />a good place to live. The survey, conductec <br />by the Wright State Center for Urban and <br />Public Affairs, documented that seven of r <br />services — fire and EMS, police protection, <br />recreation, public works, land use planning <br />development, administration — received <br />satisfaction levels of 97% or above. <br />These high marks make us resolved <br />to continue working to improve the <br />services that residents expect <br />As an example of our resolution <br />to continue improvement, the <br />Fire Department achieved <br />reaccreditation through <br />the Commission on Fire <br />Accreditation International, <br />repres enting the <br />�- highest standard of <br />excellence. It is the <br />only accredited fire <br />department in the <br />Miami Valley and <br />one of nine in Ohio. <br />Our fire staff has <br />aimed for continuous <br />El <br />improvement to achieve the reaccreditation, <br />and will continue to strive for progress in all <br />areas. <br />The good news continued in May when voters <br />approved two five-year levies, a 4.65 -mill <br />Fire levy and a .7 -mill Recreation levy. The <br />citizens who volunteered in the "Yes for Rec" <br />and Fire Levy Campaign cheered when both <br />levies passed by over 60%, because they had <br />continued on page 2 <br />