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FALL 2014 • AUG.—NOV. • VOLUME 25, NO.3 <br />SHINGTONTOWNSHIP <br />Planning is Underway <br />for Senior Programmi <br />at Rec West <br />p]arming is underway to create a ; <br />new space dedicated to senior <br />programming at Washington _ <br />Township's Rec West facility.k <br />The Hithergreen Board of Trustees voted in March to dissoly+ <br />private, non-profit corporation so that Hithergreen can join wi <br />Washington Township and become part of the township's rea <br />department <br />"Hithergreeds decision brings some great opportunities," said <br />Paice, recreation facilities director, who is coordinating the tray <br />process. "The first phase is to develop the space at Rec West t( <br />meet the needs of seniors." <br />In order to do that, Hithergreen and township recreation staff, <br />are meeting with the selected architect, SEM Partners, to provi <br />information about senior programming and offer ideas about <br />develop the space. <br />The goal is to approve a design by early fall, open bids in No A <br />begin construction in January, with seniors moving to Rec Wei <br />summer 2015. <br />Programming Space <br />By joining the township and moving to Rec West, seniors <br />will receive nearly 10,000 -square feet of dedicated space, <br />plus about 20,000 -square feet of space — including a movie <br />theater, gym, dance studio, game room and spacious lobby. <br />Next door at the Recreation Center, members will have <br />access to the pool, two gyms, fitness equipment and <br />26 -acre Countryside Park. <br />Rec West, a 39,000 -square foot former movie theater, was <br />adapted by the township for recreation programming in <br />2004. Dedicated space for seniors will encompass the two <br />largest of the facility's six original theaters <br />continued an page 2 <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT <br />RECREATION <br />OR <br />*♦ <br />AN& aal&�k 0 <br />