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SUMMER 2013 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MAY — JULY I <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />VOLUME 24, N0.2 <br />H11M,GOVERNMENT CENTER <br />DELIVERED QUARTERLY' (93'7) 433-0152 <br />TO ALL RESIDENTS OF RECREATION CENTER <br />CENTERVILLE AND <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (937) 433-0130 <br />Fire Levy Responds to a Growing Demand for Services <br />4.65 -mill replacement levy for <br />fire and emergency medical <br />services will appear on the <br />May 7 ballot, based on a unanimous vote by <br />Washington Township Trustees. <br />The levy replaces a 3 -mill levy that expires <br />at the end of the year and, if approved, will <br />mark the first increase in gross millage since <br />1989. Additional millage has been requested <br />for two reasons: <br />1. To offset an annual loss in state and <br />property tax revenue <br />2. To fund staffing realignments necessary to <br />keep pace with a 168 percent increase in <br />fire and EMS runs over the past 20 years. <br />"The township has served a growing <br />population through cost-effective staffing, <br />long-range planning, and careful use of tax <br />dollars. However, we must now respond <br />to an increasing demand for fire and EMS <br />protection," said Trustee President Joyce <br />Young "This levy will enable us to meet <br />community needs for the next five years." <br />The five-year levy is expected to generate <br />$7.7 million in the first year —about 6 <br />percent of the anticipated 2014 fir <br />department budget and $2.7 <br />more than the levy it replaces. <br />The Cost <br />If the levy is approved, <br />homeowners will pay about <br />$142 for every $100,00 <br />of their home's value, <br />increase of about $51 <br />per year. The department also is funded by a <br />1.5 -mill continuous levy that costs residents <br />about $40 for every $100,000 of home value. <br />Recreation Levy will not Increase Taxes <br />ecreation millage will <br />not increase if voters <br />approve a.7 -mill <br />renewal levy on the May ballot <br />"Despite state funding cuts and <br />a decline in property values, <br />our recreation department will <br />not require a tax increase," said <br />Trustee President Joyce Young <br />Recreation tax millage has stayed <br />constant for the past 20 years and is less than <br />it was in 1988 when the first recreation levy <br />was approved. <br />The proposed levy would cost homeowners <br />about $21.44 for every $100,000 of their <br />The Levy Provides <br />The proposed millage increase will enable <br />the fire department to maintain and stabilize <br />current staffing and will allow for additional <br />staffing to address projected needs. <br />Between 1991 and 2011, Fire and EMS runs <br />increased by 168 percent, while the number <br />of volunteers declined. To address the issue, <br />around-the-clock staffing was introduced at <br />_three fire stations during 2010 and 2011. The <br />transition has improved response times <br />because part -paid volunteers no <br />nger respond from home, however <br />costs more in hourly wages. <br />continued on page 2 <br />our recreation department on a very tight <br />budget, but will enable us to provide quality <br />recreation services for another five years," <br />Young said. <br />home's value, roughly the same as what "The Recreation Center has taken <br />they pay now <br />"Unlike cities, <br />a very proactive approach to <br />The five-year levy is on the <br />townships must <br />keeping costs in line," said <br />ballot because the current <br />return to voters when Township Administrator Jesse <br />1 expires this year. It will <br />� P y <br />tax levies expire. <br />I ghtle. More than $80,000 <br />raise an estimated <br />This ensures a highly <br />was shaved from expenses <br />to counteract $82,000 in <br />$1.15 million in the <br />first year — about the <br />accountable form of <br />losses from state funding <br />same as the expiring <br />government." <br />cuts and lower property tax <br />levy. "This will keep <br />— Joyce Young <br />values. Full-time staff was <br />continued on page 8 <br />