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FALL 2013 <br />AUGUST — NOVEMBER <br />VOLUME 24, NO. 3 <br />DELIVERED QUARTERLY <br />TO ALL RESIDENTS OF <br />CENTERVILLE AND <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />Many Thanks to Residents! <br />ed like to extend our sincere <br />thank you to voters who <br />showed their support in May <br />for Fire and Recreation levies. <br />A 4.65 -mill Fire Levy passed with 61 <br />nercent of local primary <br />iters giving their approval <br />nd a .7 -mill Recreation <br />-evy passed with an <br />affirmative vote of 64 <br />percent Nearly every <br />precinct in Centerville/ <br />Washington Township <br />supported both levies. <br />"We're very <br />Pleased with the <br />resounding approval of these two levies," <br />said Township Trustee President Joyce <br />Young. "It confirms for us that we're <br />providing the quality of service expected <br />by our residents and provides us with the <br />resources to continue this service level." <br />In the case of the Fire levy, additional <br />income will allow the department to keep <br />up with an increasing call volume while <br />offsetting decreasing state and property tax <br />revenue. The levy funds about 66 percent <br />of Fire Department operating expenses. <br />The Recreation levy will continue to pay <br />approximately 43 percent of recreation <br />expenses. Unlike most government services, <br />program fees, memberships and grants have <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT CENTER <br />\ (937) 433-0152 <br />RECREATION CENTER <br />(937) 433-0130 <br />provided <br />about 57 <br />percent <br />of the <br />recreation <br />budget over <br />the past 5 years <br />This levy millage has <br />stayed the same for the last 20 years and is <br />smaller than the original levy that was passed <br />in 1988. <br />The township hopes to continue to serve you <br />well. Citizens with concerns, questions or <br />ideas relating to fire, emergency medical and <br />recreation services are welcome to contact the <br />Fire or Recreation departments. <br />Township Celebrates 25 Years of Public Recreation <br />_j rom zero to more than 3,000 <br />ramembers in 25 years is a solid record. <br />That's the count for Washington <br />Township's Recreation Center where <br />recreational offerings attract 1 <br />patrons ranging from 3 years <br />old to 95. <br />Founded in 1988, the Rec <br />Center will celebrate its <br />25th anniversary with a <br />grand celebration that <br />includes special activities, <br />demonstrations, swim <br />time and prize drawings <br />from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, <br />Sept 8. <br />And beginning July 1, <br />patrons can begin to register <br />for the big "Twenty-five Days <br />of Give-Aways!" Twenty-five days <br />prior to the Anniversary Celebration, <br />the staff will begin awarding one prize each <br />day until September 8. Get your ticket at the <br />front desk at the Main Rec Center. <br />"If you've never visited the WT Rec <br />Center, we encourage you to <br />stop in, look around, and learn <br />Nw— about what we offer," said <br />Recreation Director Dave <br />Paice. Programs span fitness <br />classes, aquatics, sports <br />leagues, theater, art dance, <br />after-school programs, <br />summer camps and a variety <br />of special programs. <br />The celebration is scheduled <br />to run through August 2014. <br />rt er the grand celebration, <br />the next special event is the <br />Volunteer Fair on October 3. <br />Check the recreation pages for details of the <br />year-long celebration. ps <br />Support for the Rec Center began to take <br />shape in 1987 at a time when the community <br />didn't have a swimming pool and the only <br />recreational facility, a small YMCA, sat empty <br />at 965 Miamisburg -Centerville Road. <br />A year later, the community approved a <br />1.5 -mill levy to purchase the YMCA, make <br />improvements, hire a staff and begin programs. <br />Significant improvements — a natatorium, <br />expanded Countryside Park, Woodland Lights, <br />Town Hall Theater Rec West and a running <br />track — have been made over the years. <br />The center's fitness program is among the most <br />popular, according to Linda Madden, Senior <br />J6 continued on pa 5 <br />