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SUMMER 2012 <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MAY — AUGUST <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />VOLUME 23, NO.2 <br />ronics &household <br />hazardous waste <br />GOVERNMENT CENTER <br />DELIVERED QUARTERLY ` <br />(937) 433-0152 <br />TO ALL RESIDENTS OF <br />RECREATION CENTER <br />CENTERVILLE AND <br />(937) 433-0130 <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />Fire Department is Awarded Grant <br />he Washington Township Fire <br />Many Thanks to Ri <br />e extend our sincere thanks <br />to residents who showed their <br />support this March for the <br />Road & Bridge levy. Voters passed the 1.85- <br />mill replacement levy despite an economy <br />that remained sluggish. <br />"We're grateful to residents for approving <br />the levy" said Township Administrator Jesse <br />Lightle. "We'll do everything we can to make <br />prudent use of taxpayer dollars and provide <br />the most cost-effective services possible." <br />Department has been awarded <br />a $300,000 Federal Assistance <br />to Firefighters Grant for the purchase of a <br />combination engine/rescue vehicle. <br />The purchase will enable the department to <br />replace two other vehicles, a 1991 fire engine <br />and a 1993 rescue truck. "The new vehicle <br />will, in effect, function as two. This will <br />not only save the department money in the <br />future, but will also improve the efficiency <br />and flexibility of our emergency response <br />capabilities," said Fire Chief Bill Gaul. <br />The federal grant is expected to cover up <br />to one half the cost of the engine/rescue <br />vehicle. "Our staff is always on the lookout <br />for potential sources of graWN <br />n <br />t money" <br />said Township Administtator Jesse Lightle. <br />The millage is slightly more than the expiring <br />1.7 -mill levy, but does not totally compensate <br />for a projected Public Works budget loss of <br />$1.74 million over the next five years from <br />161 cuts and declining property tax values. <br />department still will operate with an <br />Over the past decade, grants have helped: <br />* <br />update fire dispatch purchase theatrical <br />equipment lighting and sound <br />� purchase radios and equipment <br />protective fire gear � purchase software <br />� improve roads to guide traffic sign <br />� train firefighters replacement <br />� fund arts programming � fund a playground <br />� improve handicapped � Provide collection of <br />accessibility elect <br />anticipated $195,065 less than it did in 2008 <br />when the current levy entered its first year. <br />"We looked carefully at expenditures and <br />revenue and decided upon a conservative <br />approach to the millage request. We've made <br />a commitment to the community to control <br />costs," said Trustee President Scott Paulson. <br />The levy pays for road maintenance and <br />construction in the unincorporated section <br />of Washington Township and enables the <br />township to service an expanding <br />network of roads. Well-maintained A <br />roads help keep neighborhoods . <br />attractive, enhance property values, <br />promote safety; an <br />ronics &household <br />hazardous waste <br />a single vehicle that functions as <br />In the levy's first year, the owner of a house <br />valued at $200,000 will pay about $113.31 <br />— about $9.18 more than 2012 and $4.71 <br />more than in 2008 when the same house was <br />valued at $208,600. The 2008 home value is <br />based on a loss of 4.12 percent in 2011, the <br />average decli <br />d help prevent <br />problems for vehicles, Paulson noted. <br />"Grants help offset the tax burden for local <br />residents and, in some instances, improve <br />services more quickly than ordinarily would <br />be possible." <br />A committee consisting of command staff, <br />firefighters and vehicle maintenance staff is <br />working on specifications for the new vehicle. <br />The goal is to have a vendor selected by the <br />end of the year and delivery by 2013. <br />continued on _page 8 <br />Tbegrant mill hep purchase <br />ne in residential/agricultural <br />real estate. <br />"Well-maintained roads make economic <br />sense," Lightle said. It's more cost effective <br />to maintain roads than <br />wait until they begin <br />;.,� to deteriorate." <br />