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DELIVERED QUARTERLY <br />TO ALL RESIDENTS OF <br />CENTERVILLE AND <br />Development Takes Shape Along Route 48 Corridor <br />evelopment is taking form in the <br />south along the Route 48 corridor, <br />with two child care centers opening <br />their doors last year and preliminary plans <br />approved for a 63 -acre development at the <br />southwest corner of 48 and Social Row Road. <br />"Growth in this area is taking off. We have <br />planned, quality development that's in line <br />with existing development in the area," said <br />Township Administrator Jesse Lightle. <br />The 63 -acre development by RG Properties <br />includes a mix of business, office and <br />residential use. The property is zoned Planned <br />Development which offers the opportunity to <br />cluster uses and conserve land through more <br />efficient allocation of resources, said Zoning <br />Manager Ryan Lee. <br />`By placing this on an existing corridor, we <br />are following an established development <br />path. This avoids islands of development <br />that differ from the surrounding area," Lee <br />said. The Community Plan adopted by <br />Centerville and Washington Township calls <br />The 63 -acre development at Route 48 and Social Row Road has received first -stage <br />development approval. Developers will be required to submit a second -stage plan <br />before final approval is granted. <br />for a predominantly residential and rural <br />character for Social Row, so the approved <br />development provides more intensive use <br />near Route 48, with less intensive use to the <br />west, along Social Row Planned Development <br />zones include: <br />• Business—Retail space is planned for 17 <br />acres directly at the corner of 48 and <br />Social Row and facing both streets. <br />• Restricted Use Office — <br />Situated on about 11 acres <br />at the west end of the <br />development. The facility <br />adjoins undeveloped land <br />to the west. <br />Residential Multi-Family—About <br />22 acres of multi -family <br />housing is planned for <br />the southwest corner and <br />southern edge of the <br />development. This section <br />is tucked away from major <br />thoroughfares and abuts undeveloped <br />and residential land that is located to <br />the west and south. <br />• <br />Office—A 13 -acre diagonal swath of <br />land provides a transition between <br />retail uses to the northeast and less <br />intensive uses to the south and west. <br />Two ponds and open space areas provide <br />additional buffers between the more intensive <br />continued on page 2 <br />Does Annexation Create Economic Growth? <br />Over the last 20 years, Washington Township has experienced more sustained growth and <br />development than any jurisdiction in Montgomery County. However, cities sometimes claim that <br />annexation of township land is justified because certain properties experience more economic <br />development simply because they are located in cities. <br />By Scott Paulson, President <br />Wasbington Towmbap Board of Trustees <br />Does annexation create economic gro <br />The fundamental truth is that no matter <br />in what jurisdiction a piece of property <br />lies, it's the location that determines its <br />function and its ability to create jobs. <br />As any real estate agent will tell you, it's <br />"location, location, location," not the <br />particular boundary line surrounding it. <br />For instance, economic development has <br />increased steadily in the township, despite <br />recession. Just because land was <br />annexed belonging to Bethany <br />Lutheran, St. Leonard or <br />Miami Valley Hospital did not <br />ensure the success of these <br />developments. It simply meant <br />that a new source of income tax <br />was created for the city. <br />wth? the <br />Scott Paulson <br />Trustees believe our entire community will <br />benefit if cities concentrate on encouraging <br />businesses to grow on property within city <br />boundaries rather than expanding beyond <br />their borders. This results in a prosperous <br />community for both city and township <br />residents which is consistent with the <br />township's mission — to plan and work for <br />the long-range development of the entire <br />township. <br />In accordance with this mission, we support <br />the Create the Vision Community Plan <br />adopted by the city and township in 2004. <br />The plan calls for development policies that <br />focus on infill over greenfield development <br />