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SUMMER 2011 <br />MAY — AUGUST <br />VOLUME 22, NO.2 <br />DELIVERED QUARTERLY <br />TO ALL RESIDENTS OF <br />CENTERVILLE AND <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />New Crew Brings <br />hen an around-the-clock <br />crew was added last summer <br />at Fire Station 41 on Maple <br />Avenue, the goal was to reduce the time <br />it takes to respond to calls for assistance. <br />Since then, data shows that the fire <br />department has shortened the average <br />response time by more than 6 percent. <br />"We're very happy to see this improve- <br />ment. Early data is indicating that we're <br />moving in the right direction," said Chief <br />Bill Gaul of the Washington Township <br />Fire Department. <br />In 2011, average response for emergency <br />and nonemergency calls improved by <br />32 seconds — from 8 minutes 10 seconds <br />in the first five months to 7 minutes <br />38 seconds during the last seven months, <br />after the new crew was added. Response <br />times are measured from the time a primary <br />dispatcher picks up a call to when the first <br />responder arrives at the scene. <br />Faster Response f <br />"We're always looking for ways to speed`s <br />our response. When we realize a <br />32 -second improvement in the fire <br />service, it's considerable," Gaul said. <br />Adding the new Station 41 crew was sperm <br />cifically aimed at improving the response <br />time from when firefighters and paramed- <br />ics receive a dispatch call to when the first <br />equipment arrives on the scene. For that <br />timeframe, average response was short- <br />ened by 8 percent overall. <br />"The new crew is reducing travel distance <br />which improves response," Gaul said. <br />"Because it's centrally located, it's also well <br />positioned to assist other crews. We've <br />been able to balance the call loads for <br />medic crews at stations 43 and 44 while <br />improving response." The Station 41 crew <br />is able to respond to medic or fire runs, as <br />needed. <br />The crew was added because of a growing <br />number of fire and medical runs — 5,903 <br />Multiple Road Projects are in the Works <br />variety of major and minor road : <br />projects are in the works through- <br />out the unincorporated part of <br />Washington Township. <br />Some are undertaken by the township and <br />others by the county, however all will lead <br />to improved travel, said Public Works <br />Director Mike Wmamaker. This is what's <br />in store: <br />Nutt Road Project is Underway <br />Work is underway to widen and improve <br />Nutt Road from Meadow Woods Lane east <br />toward Schoolhouse Park. <br />The section, which is a little over a quarter <br />mile in length, will be widened to three <br />lanes by the end of summer. Curb, gutter, <br />storm sewers and a sidewalk will be added <br />and lanes widened to 13 feet for improved <br />safety. <br />"Schoolhouse Park draws a lot of traffic to <br />Nutt Road. This will help connect people <br />to the park when they're coming from the <br />west," Wanamaker said. The $1.2 million <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />10161TI11:iL41LVA 111019411101 Y 11:4 <br />(937) 433-0152 <br />RECREATION CENTER <br />(937) 433-0130 <br />Fire Dispatch, 60 sec <br />Police Dispatch, 30 sec <br />in 2009 compared to 4,933 in 2004. <br />The three-person crew is staffed with one <br />full-time and two part-time firefighter/ <br />EMTs. Fire districts also were re -aligned to <br />improve response. <br />Three of the township's five stations are <br />now staffed around the clock, with medic <br />crews at Station 43 on 10499 Dayton - <br />Lebanon Pike and Station 44 on 6690 <br />Centerville -Business Parkway. <br />township project includes a new bridge <br />over a branch of the Little Sugarcreek. The <br />38 -foot -span bridge replaces a 1965 bridge <br />in the same location. <br />When the project is complete, Nutt Road <br />will be widened and improved from <br />Dayton -Lebanon Pike to near School- <br />house Park. <br />In 1996, Washington Township aligned <br />Nutt and Hibberd Drive where they cross <br />Dayton -Lebanon Pike and widened Nutt <br />from there to Meadow Woods. Safety <br />improvements — including a left-hand <br />turn lane — were made in 1999 in front of <br />School House Park. continued on page 2 <br />