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FALL 2011 <br />AUGUST - NOVEMBER <br />VOLUME 22, NO. 3 I <br />DELIVERED QUARTERLY <br />TO ALL RESIDENTS OF <br />CENTERVILLE AND <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />Township Faces Reduced State Funding <br />rastic reductions in state fund- '. <br />ing to local government are <br />pending in the Ohio General <br />Assembly at the time of this writing. $0 <br />"If enacted, they will pose significant <br />challenges for local governments across <br />Ohio, including Washington Township," $500K <br />said Trustee President Dale Berry. <br />Washington Township stands to lose <br />$1.2 million over the first two full <br />years if proposals in the house and sen- <br />ate versions of the governor's budget <br />plan are enacted. Further draining local <br />resources, state legislators have approved <br />eliminating the estate tax by 2013 — a <br />decision that will cost the township <br />about $1.2 million annually if enacted. <br />By the end of 2018, the cumulative <br />impact for Washington Township is <br />projected to reach about $9.3 million. <br />The exact reductions — all wrapped into <br />the Ohio Budget Bill — were being sort- <br />ed out in a conference committee as this <br />story was written. Besides eliminating <br />the estate tax, the bill reduces the Ohio <br />personal income tax for the fifth time in <br />seven years — 21 percent since 2004. <br />Such reductions shift the burden to <br />;h deci- <br />lt reducing <br />�S. <br />$1M <br />$1.5M <br />$2M <br />2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 <br />Total Losses: $9.3 million <br />Effects from reducing Local Government Fund <br />and eliminating Estate Tax, Tangible Personal <br />Property Tax Reimbursement, and Public Utility <br />Deregulation Replacement Tax <br />"In Washington Township's case, we've <br />always been careful stewards of taxpayer <br />dollars, so we only request what is needed. <br />The township is creative and resourceful <br />in how it provides services, so there aren't <br />many more ways to economize without <br />affecting services," Berry said. <br />continued on page 2 <br />Township information <br />is on Facebook. <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP <br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO <br />GOVERNMENT CENTER <br />(937) 433-0152 <br />RECREATION CENTER <br />(937) 433-0130 <br />Township Updates are <br />Available on Facebook <br />1 ashington Township is harness- <br />ing the power of the social <br />media icon, Facebook, to <br />get information to residents. <br />The township's new Facebook page offers <br />updates and information for every depart- <br />ment — including fire, recreation, public <br />works, development services and police. <br />People who "like" the Washington Township <br />page will receive information first — before the <br />Washington Township Quarterly newsletter <br />and even before many newspaper stories. <br />"Facebook is where people are, so that's <br />where we've decided to be," said Town- <br />ship Administrator Jesse Lightle. The social <br />networking website officially has 500 million <br />users, with recent estimates placing it as high <br />as 700 million. <br />"By using Facebook, we can provide updates <br />that are above and beyond what residents <br />find in publications," said Jackie Curl, <br />public information manager. Residents also <br />may find it useful to receive timely remind- <br />ers — such as notifications for recreation <br />registration or advice on leaf collection or <br />fire department updates, she said. <br />The fire department also has its own Facebook <br />page: Washington Township Fire Department. <br />continued on page 2 <br />1 f <br />