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<br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS MINUTES <br /> November 25, 2013 <br />The Washington Township Board of Zoning Appeals met in regular session on November 25, <br />2013 in the Meeting Room of Washington Township Government Center. Members of the Board <br />present were Mr. Horine, Mrs. Mulligan, Mr. Schwartz and Mr. McDaniel. Mr. Roberts was <br />excused. Call to order at 7:00 p.m. <br />Pledge Allegiance. <br />Mr. Schwartz,Chairman, explained the hearing format and voting procedure. <br />The Oath was administered by Mr. Schwartz to all persons planning to testify. <br />Case # A-1681 Brenda Poelstra requests a Variance for Sign Setback located at 5692 Far <br />Hills Avenue <br />Zoning Manager, Ryan Lee, presented the case. <br />The applicant is requesting a variance to the required 20’ setback for a permanent freestanding <br />sign. The request is to reduce the setback to 10’ from the right of way stating obstruction of <br />view from the neighboring property to the south. The applicant’s property was previously in <br />compliance with the 20’ setback provision but recently sought approval for a new freestanding <br />sign. This new sign is proposed on the south side of the entrance drive to the premises. <br />Staffs reviewed the placement of the sign on the neighboring lot and have found multiple <br />variances for the sign dating back to the 1960s. The development of the neighboring lot occurred <br />prior to the widening of Far Hills in this section and a variance for the sign setback reduction was <br />granted due to the hardship of the building having a setback of approximately 10’feet from the <br />roadway. <br />While an exception was provided for the lot to the south due to a legally nonconforming setback <br />of a structure, staff does not feel that this creates an undue hardship or practical difficulty for the <br />applicant’s property. Furthermore, staff is of the opinion that the line of sight to the property is <br />not obstructed in such a manner to precipitate a variance from the base sign standards. Staff <br />recommends denial of the freestanding sign setback variance as requested. <br />Mr. Horine questioned whether any photos were taken coming from the south direction to show <br />the site problem with the adjoining properties sign. Mr. Lee answered due to weather and <br />visibility the bird’s eye view was best to show both applicants sign and the adjoining property <br />sign known as “Allstate Insurance” in the presentation. <br />1 <br /> <br />