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<br /> <br />The Washington Township Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on September 19, 2005, <br />at 7:30 p.m. at the Washington Township Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. President <br />Snyder led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES OF PRECEEDING MEETINGS <br /> <br />It was moved by Mr. Blair, seconded by Mrs. Young, that the Board approves the minutes of <br />the Pre-meeting and Regular meeting held September 12, 2005. <br /> <br />Vote on Motion: Blair, aye; Young, aye; Snyder, aye. M2005-338 <br /> <br />CLERK’S BUSINESS <br /> <br />Amounts & Rates <br /> <br />Each year the Board of Trustees must certify the tax rates to the County Auditor. <br /> <br />It was moved by Mrs. Young, seconded by Mr. Blair, that the Board accepts the amounts and <br />rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizes the necessary tax rates for <br />2006 and certifies them to the County Auditor. <br /> <br />Vote on Motion: Young, aye; Blair, aye; Snyder, aye. M2005-339 <br /> <br />Appropriation Transfers <br /> <br />Under State law a state line item account cannot carry a negative balance. To prevent several <br />accounts from going negative, staff needs approval from the Board of Trustees for intra-fund <br />transfers. <br /> <br />One transfer is for the General Fund. The Township needs to transfer funds to cover the <br />salaries for the Create The Vision Coordinator and the increase in coverage for the <br />Montgomery County Building Department Satellite Office. <br /> <br />The second transfer is to cover the increased cost in fuel prices at the pump. This transfer <br />involves the General Fund, Police Fund and Fire Fund. <br /> <br />The third transfer is to cover the cost of Transmission Repairs to the front-end loader used by <br />the Public Works Department. <br /> <br />The fourth transfer is to cover increased activity in the Vehicle Maintenance Fund. <br /> <br />It was moved by Mrs. Young, seconded by Mr. Blair, that the Board approves the following <br />appropriation transfers: <br /> <br />From: To <br />: <br /> <br />Fund: General (01) <br />01-02-5034 $24,000 01-10-5013 $24,000 <br />Building Contingency Contract Labor <br /> <br /> <br />Fund: General (01) <br />01-02-5034 $1,500 01-10-5031 $1,500 <br />Building Contingency Other-Vehicle Gas <br /> <br />09/19//05 <br /> 1 <br /> <br />