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<br />CITIZEN CONCERNS <br /> <br />David R. Lee, 1592 Rockleigh Road, asked the Trustees to do something to expand the <br />physical training, weight lifting and aerobics area. He believes that the space is totally <br />inadequate. He also questioned whether the amount of dedicated space was appropriate <br />since it is not being used all of the time. He indicated that the areas that receive the most <br />consistent use are the pool, the multi-purpose rooms and the fitness centers. These areas are <br />used by all types of people and, in his opinion, should be the areas of focus. <br /> <br />Following the Americana presentation, additional citizen concerns were addressed: <br /> <br />Sarah Halverson, 9381 Parkside Drive, expressed her support for the teen center. <br /> <br />Laura Jones, 5832 Paddington, an eighth grader, also conveyed her support for a teen center. <br /> <br />Teagan Walsh-Davis, 4541 Bigger Road, indicated that she was 14 years old and was <br />completely behind the idea of the teen center. <br /> <br />Emily Shaw, 1487 Halstead Circle, a freshman at Centerville High School, also spoke in <br />support of the teen center. <br /> <br />Anna Stewart, 118 Mimosa Drive, also a freshman at Centerville High School agreed with <br />Teagan and Emily about the teen center. She believed it would be a good influence on kids. <br /> <br />A.J. Pascarella, 10375 Yellow Locust Lane, also supported the idea of having a teen center <br />not only as a place to go and hang out and enjoy, but also as a place that his parents would <br />accept and let him go. <br /> <br />Katie Levens, 5487 Marshall Road, believed that this was a perfect opportunity to meet one of <br />the community’s needs. She served on the Rec Advisory Board and knows that all ideas and <br />concerns about the recreation center were considered. She indicated that there are deed <br />restrictions on the current building, which prevent the recreation center from expanding out. <br />The only direction they can go is up; however, it is already two stories high. She spoke in <br />support of the teen center as a place where the teens can learn social interaction skills the <br />right way. <br /> <br />AMERICANA PRESENTATION <br /> <br />Joe Beyerle, president of the Americana Festival, thanked the Trustees, the police, and the <br />EMT’s for their help at last year’s festival. He also introduced Steve Wenstrup and Larry Blank <br />who are officers of the Americana Festival Committee. The theme of this year’s parade is <br />going to be inventions. The Grand Marshal this year will be Wayne Markworth. <br /> <br />CINEMAS-LEVIN PORTER PRESENTATION <br /> <br />In late 2004 the Board of Trustees hired Levin Porter Associates Inc. to prepare construction <br />drawings for the interior of three areas in the cinema building. Construction plans were <br />presented showing the auditorium, the teen center, a small gymnasium, and two racquetball <br />courts. The interior drawing was the result of public hearings held in 2003 to decide the best <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />02/28/05 <br /> 2 <br /> <br /> <br />