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PRE - MEETING WORKSHOP <br />November 7, 2005 <br />6:30 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Lee Snyder, Joyce Young, Terry Blair & Tom Zobrist <br />STAFF: Gary Huff & Tom Toberen <br />I. Addendum Item <br />There will be a hearing for two lighting districts added to the agenda. <br />II. GIS Maps <br />There was a discussion over the cost of acquiring updates. <br />III. Letter to ODOT <br />There was a discussion about ODOT's erecting a section of sound barrier along I -675, <br />near the Paragon overpass. A letter has been prepared to send to Mr. Randy Chevalier. <br />IV. Grants Walk <br />There was a discussion over not removing the hump on McEwen, located near Grants <br />Walk. <br />V. Oberer Water Line <br />A letter was received from Oberer concerning a 17 -inch water line across the property <br />owned by the Township. It is needed to service Washington Trace with sufficient water <br />flow. <br />VI. 2006 Meeting Dates <br />A proposed meeting schedule was presented. <br />VII. HR Consultant <br />There was a discussion on which H.R. group to use. The discussion was tabled until the <br />tH <br />next workshop, which is scheduled for November 14 <br />