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WORKSHOP <br />August 22, 2005 <br />7:00 P.M. <br />ATTENDANCE: <br />ELECTED OFFICIALS: Lee Snyder, Joyce Young & Terry Blair <br />STAFF: Gary Huff, Tom Toberen & Mike Barlow for Tom Zobrist <br />ABSENT: Tom Zobrist <br />Government Center Air <br />Gary Huff discussed the status of three original air conditioning units. There are <br />problems with two of the units. One is very bad. The Trustees reviewed the price to <br />replace these units. Mr. Huff would like to go to bid to replace all of the units. The <br />Trustees had no problem with this. <br />II. Zoning Resolution Update <br />A meeting was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 15th. ACP will be <br />leading this meeting with the Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and a VIP <br />representative in attendance. They will review the business districts and talk about <br />planned development. <br />III. Old Fire Station 44 Repairs <br />Staff received an inspection report back from the buyer. Approximately $5,000 worth of <br />work needs to be done. The buyer's bid was $5,000 over the appraised value. The <br />Trustees discussed discounting the sales price by $5,000. <br />IV. TIF Schools <br />Gary Huff had two meetings with the schools. They discussed the Tax Increment <br />Financing (TIF) area on Spring Valley Road. They are not against it, but have questions. <br />Gary Huff would like to meet with the Trustees on September 19th to discuss the matter <br />further. He would also like to invite Kip Walter to this meeting to explain how TIF works. <br />Joyce Young recommended meeting with school officials after the joint entitites meeting <br />prior to the meeting with Kip. <br />V. School Bus <br />Tom Toberen called the head of Centerville Transportation about removing the <br />barricades to Waterbury Woods in order to allow school buses through to pick up <br />students. <br />VI. Hithergreen Lease <br />The five -year lease is up. The renewal will be for five years with an option for five more. <br />The lease will be at the same rate as the cinema space. <br />VII. National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training <br />