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WHEREAS, Madhu is active within her Hindu faith, volunteering for programs and projects <br />offered at local nursing homes and soup kitchens; and <br />WHEREAS, she has displayed her public spirit by distributing flyers for a park levy, helping <br />with Kids Voting, participating in the 2004 presidential election campaign, and by participating <br />in the Dayton World A'Fair. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that Madhumitha Ravikumar be selected to receive <br />Washington Township's third annual Community Service Award and that this award shall <br />honor her dedication, her important contributions to the community, and the superior example <br />of community service that she has set for us all. <br />Proclaimed this 6th day of June 2005. <br />Vote on Motion: Young, aye; Blair, aye; Snyder, aye. P2005 -011 <br />ZONING CASE Z -663A RIVERRAIN LTD. & YANKEE PROPERTIES. <br />An application was received for the Second and Final Stage Plan for approximately 63.1 acres <br />of land located on the west side of Yankee Street, approximately 1,875 feet south of Austin <br />Pike. The property is currently zoned Planned Development Transition with the First Stage <br />Plan approved and the request is for the Planned Development Transition for the Second and <br />Final Stage Plan. The Zoning Commission reviewed this application at their April 28, 2005, <br />meeting and recommended approval. <br />Deputy Director Tom Toberen made a staff presentation. This project is called Traditions at <br />Yankee. It came before the trustees two or three months ago for rezoning from industrial to <br />planned development transition. This case is for second stage approval of just a portion of the <br />property, approximately 63 acres for 178 dwelling units. His slide presentation included a <br />current zoning map, master plan, an aerial photograph taken in 2000, an aerial photograph <br />submitted by the applicant, a site plan that was reviewed and approved by the Zoning <br />Commission, landscape plans, color renderings of the types of units and clubhouse, building <br />elevations and outdoor photos. As requested by the Zoning Commission, the sides of the <br />units facing the public road and the clubhouse would be brick. Mr. Toberen pointed out that <br />the roads in the development are public roads, except for one looped area that would be <br />private and maintained by the homeowners association. The developer wants to provide <br />secondary entrance signs; however, this would require Board of Zoning Appeals variances. <br />The cul -de -sac on Newburg Court would be removed and the street would be extended as a <br />typical residential street into the new development. <br />The Zoning Commission heard this case on April 28, 2005, and recommended approval <br />subject to 1) the widening of Yankee Street to be consistent with existing widening in front of <br />Yankee Terrace; 2) access to the outlot along Yankee Street be located off the Traditions' <br />main drive. The exact location to be determined based on engineering design; 3) Village <br />Green to be a private street; 4) the lot lines around the various home styles to be as indicated <br />on the lotting plan; 5) staff comments; 6) signage to meet Township sign regulations; 7) it <br />includes the letter from Jeff Hyman, Burnside Construction dated April 27, 2005, with the <br />change of 42" brick instead of 36" brick on the Carriage homes; 8) the option to add additional <br />brick; and 9) the color package as presented. <br />06/06/05 <br />