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CITIZEN CONCERNS <br />None. <br />ZONING CASE Z -541 M MULQUEEN & SONS LLC <br />An application was received for approximately .8078 acres of land located on the west side of <br />Miller Farm Lane, 250 feet south of State Route 725. The property is currently zoned Planned <br />Development Business 2, and this is for the Planned Development Business 2 Second and <br />Final Stage Plan for a proposed car wash. The Zoning Commission reviewed this application <br />at their February 22nd meeting and recommended disapproval. <br />John Koverman, an attorney representing the property owner, asked for a continuance until <br />March 21St. One of the reasons for the continuance was due to Mr. Blair's absence. Mr. <br />Snyder was willing to postpone the case; however, Mrs. Young indicated that she believed the <br />case should be heard since it was publicized for that night. Finn Schefstad, a resident, <br />indicated that he, along with several others, made special efforts to attend the meeting and <br />recommended that the meeting proceed. After some discussion, Mr. Snyder decided to <br />postpone the case until March 21St <br />ZONING CASE Z -663 RIVERAIN LTD PARTNERSHIP & YANKEE CENTER <br />An application was received for approximately 86 acres of land located on the west side of <br />Yankee Street, south of Austin Road. The property is currently zoned Light Industrial (1 -1) and <br />the proposed change is to Planned Development Transition for a First Stage Approval for a <br />residential development containing 178 units. The Zoning Commission reviewed this <br />application at their February 22nd meeting and recommended approval. <br />Tom Toberen made a staff presentation. His slide presentation included a current zoning map, <br />current master plan, an aerial photograph taken in 2000, an aerial map that was submitted with <br />the original application, a property map, an original site plan, a revised site plan, a landscape <br />plan and outdoor photographs. This project, called Traditions at Yankee Road, is a two -stage <br />process. Only the first stage, rezoning of the property, was presented. There is an existing <br />subdivision to the west of the property, in Springboro, with a street that stubs into this property. <br />Staff recommended that they be connected. There is also a cul -de -sac called Newburg Court <br />that, when it was approved, it was approved subject to being extended at some point to the <br />development to the north. A number of comments were made at the Zoning Commission <br />meeting, which resulted in a revised plan that was approved by the Zoning Commission. The <br />drawing shows a connection both to Newburg Court and to the north, it does not, however, <br />show the Zoning Commission's recommendation for a connection to the Springboro <br />subdivision. There is a clubhouse in the center of the project and a number of walking trails <br />around the project. The Zoning Commission recommended approval for a density of 2.8 units <br />per acre. The landscape plan shows a wrought iron wall fencing around the entire project. Mr. <br />Toberen presented the setbacks for the City of Springboro. Since it is a transitional area, the <br />developer is allowed to take on the zoning requirements of the abutting municipality. The <br />Montgomery County Planning Commission heard this case in January and recommended <br />disapproval because the proposed development conflicts with the recently adopted <br />Washington Township Comprehensive Plan which recommends industrial uses in this area <br />and because there is a potential for incompatible land uses locating on the remaining <br />industrial -zoned area. If the rezoning is approved, the Montgomery County Planning <br />Commission indicated that it would be necessary to extend Newburg Court into the <br />development and connect it with the future street pattern to allow for traffic circulation and <br />emergency access. Additionally, the Planning Commission would require a notation on the <br />03/07/05 2 <br />