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It was moved by Mr. Blair, seconded by Mr. Snyder, that the Board approves the Special Check <br />Register dated March 11, 2003, in the amount of $9,975.54; said amount having been certified <br />and appropriated. <br />Vote on Motion: Blair, aye; Snyder, aye; Young, aye. M2003 -119 <br />CITIZEN CONCERNS <br />Mr. Tony Pascarella, 10375 Yellow Locust Lane, discussed his concern with an individual from <br />the Township who talked to the press and guaranteed that good snow removal service was being <br />provided. Mr. Pascarella attended the last Township meeting and presented a petition with 50 <br />names indicating otherwise. He believes that the problem cannot be corrected if the person in <br />charge does not see it as being a problem. He is requesting that someone talk to this person to <br />make sure that he realizes that there is a problem. <br />EMPLOYEE SERVICE AWARDS <br />Each year since 1995 the Board of Trustees have awarded Service Awards to employees who <br />have provided five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, and this year, thirty years of service. The <br />awards are: <br />5 years — Coffee mug <br />10 years — Polo shirt with Washington Township logo <br />15 years — $60 gift certificate to the Paragon Club Restaurant <br />20 years — Gold Cross pen & pencil set with Washington Township logo <br />25 years — Gold watch with Washington Township logo <br />30 years — Mantel clock with Washington Township logo <br />The awards were presented by Mr. Snyder and Mr. Blair. <br />WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP YEARS OF SERVICE AWARDS <br />YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE <br />AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2002 <br />DEPT <br />YEARS <br />EARL THOMP S ON <br />FIRE <br />30 <br />MICHAEL WANAMAKER <br />PUBLIC WORKS <br />25 <br />DALE EWING <br />FIRE <br />25 <br />SHARON DRUDE <br />FIRE <br />25 <br />MARVIN HUFF <br />PUBLIC WORKS <br />25 <br />CHARLES WHITAKER <br />FIRE <br />20 <br />DAVID DOUGLAS <br />DEV SERVICES <br />20 <br />JIM AUGUSTINE <br />FIRE <br />15 <br />MICHAEL SCHOLLE <br />DEV SERVICES <br />15 <br />3/17/03 2 <br />